Sasha – 10 year old female Akita

Sasha is a 10 year old Akita who’s in an Oldies Club foster home in Sandy, Bedfordshire. She’s an easy-going girl who would best suit owners with experience of the Akita or similar Spitz breeds. She’s doesn’t want “in your face” affection but once she lets you into her heart she’ll want to be near you all the time!

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Sasha could live with another calm dog or two of a similar size, with a careful introduction. She now gets on with her foster carer’s dogs (one male, one female) but at first, in all the excitement, she was grumpy towards them. Out and about she will just ignore other dogs unless they come up and annoy her, when she will tell them off. Especially little, quick dogs.


Sasha completely ignores her foster carer’s cat so should be fine to live with confident cats. She was good with a visiting, dog savvy 10 year old so will probably be ok to live with sensible older children as long as they’re not too boisterous. Sasha really LOVES her walks and pulls a bit at the start. She’s used to staying on the lead, walking nicely in her harness. Sasha doesn’t like the vets. She hates being messed about with and has to wear a muzzle at the vets. She also seems to be scared of being shut in confined spaces, including small rooms. She would love to have someone at home with her most of the time. She’ll happily lie around all day with her human nearby. A couple of half hour walks a day would be perfect.


Health notes: Sasha is spayed, microchipped and worm/flea treated. She will be fully vaccinated by Oldies Club. She’s had a course of anti-biotics and an anti-bacterial wash for a skin infection which has almost completely gone now. She takes pain killers for sore hips which seems to be an ongoing issue.

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