Saxon – 18 month old male Corgi cross Dachshund

Saxon is an 18 month old male Corgi cross Dachshund. Saxon was brought into the UK by another rescue. With 3 homes within a year, he is living with a wonderful family now – only they work. Saxon really needs more company, and someone who will continue to train him. We have carried out a full assessment of Saxon, having met him, and he really does deserve the chance of having company – maybe even a home with another dog too. The family went and saw Saxon in previous home and although he bounced off all the furniture found they bonded with Saxon and with their past experience of owning a dog, felt Saxon would fit in with their family. They did not take up the offer to walk the dog which they felt in hindsight would have been a good idea. Saxon came from Romania into a foster home March 2018 who obtained a work placement and was unable to continue to look after Saxon. She passed on to sibling who due to job change and getting married was unable to devote time to Saxon.

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Saxon likes to make his presence known and can be strutty whilst on a walk. Saxon is described as exuberant, very friendly and lovely to be around. Lead walking he can pull initially with his nose to ground but soon settles down. He will eat poo out on walks but will allow you to take it out of his mouth without issue. Saxon receives a 20 minute lead walk in the morning, 20 minute walk with the teenage sons when they arrive home from School and a further 30 minute walk. Saxon has been registered at his local vet who has given him a clean bill of health and described with a Hollywood smile. Saxon is booked in for his booster jab on 15/02/19. The owner was able to confirm that they did not have an issue with Saxon. He has gently nibbled like a playful pup before. Since having Saxon they have not let him off the lead and therefore he has not met another dog socially. On lead Saxon can pull to get closer to another dog and can grumble. In current home they have just done what they previously knew. They have contacted training schools but found none run classes on days/times she was available.

Saxon’s recall is sketchy and requires working on and this is a reason why he has not been off the lead outdoors for fear of not coming back. They confirmed that had not taught Saxon any tricks but stated he was able to do high five. The owners confirmed Saxon knows basic commands such as wait at pavements before crossing etc. Initial meeting with Saxon was with barking and jumping around on the sofa. There was no growling or mouth contact and he soon calmed down and played with his toys on the floor. Saxon is very friendly towards people, including strangers (myself) and likes to closely sniff your face. He is an intelligent and an alert dog with a high energy level which has not been tapped into or redirected into training. One key issue is that Saxon has not been off lead outside or in an in closed field, other than the back garden.

I observed mum preparing his food in the kitchen and Saxon calmly waited until his bowl was put down on the floor in the conservatory before eating. He is a gentle eater rather than wolfing down his food. Mum did state that Saxon tends to leave his food in the mornings which she takes up and he tends to eat mainly in the evenings. Saxon is currently on a wet food diet (unfortunately I did not ask what food he was on). They did comment that when they first got Saxon he initially wolfed his food down as if he was hungry but this changed over a couple of weeks. Saxon seemed to take everything in his stride, accepting treats very gently and allowing you to swap one treat with another. Throughout all this I can confirm that Saxon does not have any food guarding issues even with strangers about. One issue that they did raise is that when she parks up in a car park and gets Saxon out he freezes and does not like to walk between two parked cars. He does not have a problem walking on pavements with traffic going by. They have noted that Saxon pants heavily when he comes home and both the teenage sons also have commented to him about this. They have since Christmas randomly gone home to see how the dog is. Mum has not noticed this when she arrives home in the evening. I noted that Saxon played quietly and calmly on the floor with a number of toys within a few inches of the son’s bare feet. This showed to me that Saxon is comfortable in his environment and the boys have not issues with him or vice versa.

The destruction of cushions, pillows and one duvet usually happens once the boys arrive home and after they have interacted with the dog and then become engrossed in their homework and not noticed what the dog has down whilst in the same room as them.

Overall opinion is this dog can be rehomed to the right person who will spend quality time in training this young dog and bring the best out in him. I think Saxon would also benefit from having another older (possibly female) dog to help show him the ropes and build up his confidence in how to socialise with other dogs. Saxon is currently in the Southampton area.

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Paws2Rescue, please email - Paws2Rescue performs home checks and offers post adoption support. Charity policy is not to rehome any dogs with children under 10 years old. Paws2Rescue is a Surrey based charity that was set up to help the street dogs of Romania. We help a lucky few to find loving homes in the UK and Europe; so far we have re-homed over 500 dogs. We help trusted rescuers in Romania to whom we send desperately needed food, bedding and medical supplies. We are a thriving small charity and with your help we can continue our work. We are fully aware that there are many UK dogs needing help; however the level of cruelty in Romania is so high that we cannot turn away. We have personally witnessed many barbaric acts and are committed to the fight to help these dogs.
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