Scamp – 5 month old male Lurcher

Scamp is just 5 months old and an adorable Lurcher boy who still has some of his baby teeth. We aren’t too sure what Scamp’s mix is but at 21 kg already, we do know he is going to be a big boy when fully grown. He is currently in foster and living well with other hounds and cats. He has a very sweet nature and appears to be quite calm for his age. Poor Scamp was bullied by his kennel mate when he lived in kennels and being such an accepting boy hasn’t let it affect his relationship with other dogs.


In the park, he wants every dog to play with him but has still to learn that some dogs are not as playful as others. Socialization and puppy classes will help him with this. Everyone that has met him falls in love with his friendly character and watching him run is so enjoyable – he is still to understand how to work his limbs at speed and finds cornering a little difficult.

Having spent much of his short life in kennels, he has had little exposure to life and is going to need to catch up in a home that can take on the commitment of training him and teaching Scamp about the world. He’s not frightened of things or new experiences but he does approach them with sensible caution. Scamp is going to be a very loving and loyal pet for the right family.All pups are hard work and need training, commitment and someone at home most of the time. Scamp is a playful pup and in the right home, will become an adorable adult dog.

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