Scrat – 3 year old male Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier

Scrat is a 3 year old male Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier. We received a phone call one Thursday evening from a vets who had received a call from a customer saying they wanted their dog gone now! We called them and tried to arrange for them to let us collect the dog the next morning but were told he was in the garden and they were not going to allow him back in the house so we needed to take him immediately.

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Fortunately he was very local to one of us and so Helen left immediately to go and get him. As the story unfolded it transpired that the dog had been in the home for two years with few issues. There had been one incident where he had a fight with another dog and someone got bitten splitting them up. He also had a tendency to bed guard when upstairs. We were told they had sought and followed all advice but apparently nobody had advised them to get the dog neutered and not let him upstairs! The incident that had brought things to a head was that he had bitten the son in the household. The son was playing with a friend in the bedroom and he had shot out from under the bed and bitten his shoulder. Helen looked at the bite and it had broken the skin but was not bad.

Scrat is a tiny pocket sized dog. It is so easy to mistakenly think that a dog of his stature is a cute little thing that doesn’t need a lot of exercise. In truth he holds DNA from breeds that were bred initially for ratting and are very high energy. Last Sunday we did a pack walk with over 20 dogs, we walked 9 miles and Scrat was the only one that was up and raring to be walked again a couple of hours later! He also needs rules and boundaries  just because he could fit in a handbag doesn’t mean thats where he should be sat! On collection Helen was told that he was not good with other dogs, particularly large ones, but he is currently living as one of 6. He has now been neutered and this will hopefully soon affect any dominant behaviour in a positive way. He is definitely not good with cats though!

Scrat is a loving, intelligent little dog who has learnt a lot in the routine of his foster home. There has been no issues with him there, probably because he has been treated as a dog and is well exercised and stimulated. With the new rules and adventures in his foster home Scrat has proven what a cracking little dog he can be. Boundaries bring confidence and all dogs must learn what behaviours are acceptable just because he is pocket sized does not make the rules any different for him. We would love to hear from people who understand these breeds, we want him loved for life but we do not want him molly coddled and spoiled as thats not at all fair on him as the repercussions of that have already cost him one home.

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