Seren – 12 month old female German Shepherd Dog

This is the very beautiful Seren (which means star in welsh) Seren is just 12 months old female German Shepherd Dog, very young and still in the puppy stages where they are pushing boundaries but yet still so adorable with their cheekiness. Seren was found straying and picked up, she has now done her 7 days in kennels and was due to be put to sleep, we were asked to take her on and here we are, giving her another chance of a lovely life ahead of her. We would like to find Seren her forever home, she is at the age where you will need a lot of patience, and being consistent with her training. She is not keen on other dogs but this can be worked on over time. Seren approaches dogs with big loud spouts of barking and then teeth, really off putting to other dog owners, but we have been training her and recalling her away with plenty of praise reward (she is not toy orientated and not so fussy on treats but loves praise).

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We are suggesting a dog free home for Seren but to be working on her socialising in a supervised manner, We are confident within 6months of consistent training and reinforcement with her, she will be able to accept another dog. But certainly not yet. Seren is reactive towards cats so must be a cat free home. As she was found as a stray our policy states children from 9-12 years onwards which are large dog savvy and respectable towards dogs. Or ideally no children in the home or visiting.

Seren will need a lot of work, already at such a young age she has some issues, I have seen worse but I have seen a much better 12 month shepherd which has had the love and training, Seren certainly has alot of potential. She would also need lead work as she literally walks by clawing her nails on the floor not walking on her nails, to me this states she has not been walked much at all, and has just been let out in a garden to do her own thing. We have had her walking on a lead, yes she pulls strongly but this will be easily worked on with our guidance and advice.

Please do not fall in love with the photo of Seren yes she is an adorable girl but she has issues and needs a home which WILL put the work and training in with her.

Adoption fee £200 – Homecheck applies to all suitable applicants.

Rescue De-Activated

Rescue De-Activated

This rescue has closed and is no longer part of the community.
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