Silvio – 8 year old male Cross-Breed

Silvio is an eight year old large Cross-Breed. Silvio is fostered in Marsham (FR001). Silvio has been with us for well over a year now and as the person that agreed to rescue him from his previous life I feel so guilty that we haven’t managed to find him the loving home he deserves. Let me explain. Silvio was living in a small pen in a shelter in Bistrita, Romania.

The 6ft by 6ft space was continuously filthy and monotonously unstimulating and Silvio never left that prison cell even for a brief reprieve. The shelter had good contacts in Germany that would take smaller, easier to rehome dogs but were very clear they would never take Silvio. So he remained there for years until we were contacted as his only hope.

We agreed to take him but when he arrived he was not psychologically capable to adjust to our foster home based way of rescue. All of our fosterers had other dogs and his long term shelter dog mentality made him combative over everything at that time. We were forced to place him in private boarding kennels.

Despite this not being what we intend for dogs in our care the kennels was still far and away better than what Silvio had come from. Over time he became relaxed and happy. He learnt that he didn’t need to fight for food, space or attention here. He enjoyed the exercise facilities and the kindness of the kennel staff and he grew into a well mannered and sweet natured boy that we can now happily rehome.

He is now in a foster home and living happily with the dogs he was once unable to live with. He still likes his own space but he is completely transformed from who he was a year ago. He walks well on a lead and completely ignores other dogs when out on walks. He is gentle and loving to my children and just a lovely boy to have around. I still feel he would prefer to be the only dog in the home but he has also played with other dogs here and is actually forming some nice relationships.

I have always felt bad for the time Silvio was in kennels because I felt he could have been in a home if we had just found the right one. Now though there is a much broader spectrum of ‘the right one’ and I’m just hoping and praying that someone finds it in their heart to help this boy who has worked so hard on his self improvement.

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