Skip – 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

We love our dear boy Skip. He is a small neutered Jack Russell Terrier of three yrs. He came in with Laycie. What a gorgeous pair they would make. (Can separate if conditions are right). Skip loves children, and good with all dogs. Walks well on lead. He is crate trained, he opens the door at night to get himself to bed. It is his little safe haven. Skip likes to talk, his conversations are grunts of various tones which depict the kind of thing he wants eg a treat (surprise surprise) or a game. He will also dance the length of the passage, spiralling in circles if it helps get his point across. He is a little more exciteable than Laycie also pictured. He loves kiddies and approaches easily. Would make great friend for grand children visiting. We should say, sensible children of seven plus. Although his current lot are from 4 months where he often sits beside the baby being nursed.

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Skip is playful. He enjoys tug and all toy games like fetching. He will bark at cats in the garden. Will therefore free up your garden of unwanted visitors! Both dogs are in excellent health and come to us due to unexpected housing difficulties. He has been in the same home since a pup. They will be sadly missed. Skip has likes and desires. He loves a lap to share and cuddles up to keep you warm and settled by falling asleep for England. He loves a stroke (he will sit up and beg for a stroke). He is bouncier than his cousin Laycie in part due to sharing stuff (with Laycie) and wanting to make his personality felt. He can be left and is crated. He will sometimes bark for a minute before settling.

A retired home with grand kids, or a family with children of seven years and up, to keep him (and them) amused would be lovely. Both these are in Essex foster homes. Last of all, he loves everyone. Why wait. He will make an excellent companion for those walks you need to make. He will brighten your day if you work from home. He will always be there to make you smile.

Animal Action Essex

Animal Action Essex

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Animal Action Essex, please telephone Trish on 01277 634406 or 07905 936 863.
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