Sky and Billy – 7 year old female Collie and 10 month old male Collie Cross

Sky is a lovely 7 year old Blue Merle Collie girl. Sky is extremely well behaved and well-mannered both inside the house and outside. Sky is very affectionate indeed and loves a lot of fuss made of her. It is very hard to resist her temptation into getting you to stroke her and giving her lots of attention with such a beautiful face and lovingness about her. She loves to be with you but she will happily sleep in her bed in the corner of the living room and wait for any commands. Sky loves her daily walks over the fields and park and enjoying being outside running about. She is up for a game of ball to be thrown for her as most collies like, and she has absolutely no problems in having a “good” walk in morning and then an evening walk before bed every day. She has very good re-call off the lead and never runs off and is always with you. Her only vice is she may have a happy bark of excitement when out on a walk to tell you how much she is enjoying herself. Sky eats her dinner well, has no food or toy possessiveness at all and will do anything you say at the drop of a hat. Sky sleeps well at night and travels well in a car. Sky is an absolutely real pleasure to have. You wouldn’t really know that you have her as she is so well behaved apart from the love and kisses she adores to be given to her. Unfortunately for poor Sky, her owner had to go into hospital and is very ill and won’t be able to look after her when he comes out. The only negative thing we would say about Sky is that she wouldn’t want to be pulled around by a young child, so we wouldn’t home her with very young children.


This is Billy’s story:-
Billy is a very lovely, soft and gentle Collie cross boy of 9-10 months old, who has had a sad and lonely life in his young puppy days. He was found as a stray pup and was very scared initially when bought into rescue. He is definitely a “flight” as opposed to a “fight” animal and would not hurt a fly. He is coming round slowly, taking everything one step at a time and learning to trust everyone and everything around him. He is very affectionate towards his foster mummy who he trusts and loves and will let her do anything with him although this has been a working progress for him. Unfortunately this has been held up a little bit as we had him neutered and had his rear dew claws removed which was hard going as the snowy weather was upon us and we had to struggle with bandages and plastic bags on legs and every time he went out in the garden. He really tried hard to understand why all this was going on although not a pleasant experience for him with a new person but he was such a good boy for me. However everything is all well healed now and we can really start work with him. Billy loves his walks over the fields and park. He is on an extendable lead which gives him the freedom to run along with Sky and sniff and say hello to other dogs as they come along. He does not pull on the lead but we are just starting now to do a bit of heal work on an ordinary lead and to learn a few basic commands but keeping Billy a happy boy without worrying him. Billy has learnt to “sit” for a tasty treat. He now plays with toys, by himself too. He travels well in the car knowing he is going for a walk and sleeps well at night. Billy is not food or toy possessive at all. He is also crate trained which he was originally in but we do not use any more. Billy eats well and has put on some much needed weight since I have had him in foster. Billy is a real pleasure to have and I love him to pieces.

God looked down upon Billy at this time in his life, as in came Sky (as above) who has given Billy so much love and affection and confidence of her own it is starting to really rub off on him. They love each other very much and she will look after him, give him a motherly wash behind the ear and share the same bed. When Sky gets excited it gives Billy the good vibes and gives him the confidence he needs. They with both will settle in their beds for a snooze for the day after their walks in the morning and neither of them demanding dogs.

Billy does need some Tender Loving Care to build up his confidence in people and this will come in time with a little bit of effort. HE IS NOT AGGRESSIVE AT ALL JUST SHY AND HESITANT. However, once he has meet the person, he remembers them and is not so worried and will go up and greet them. A tasty tip-bit goes a long way in making up Billy’s mind that you are a nice person. He is still a young dog so the usual command training needs to be put in place, but only once Billy is more relaxed and happy to learn. He is a clever boy really and so desperately wants to be loved and just have a quiet happy home.

It would be so lovely if someone out there could offer them both a home together. Sky is such a happy, easy and outgoing sort of dog, she really isn’t a problem at all and not at all difficult. Although she is an older girl, she still has a lot of energy and many happy years ahead of her and whoever has her really won’t regret taking her on. Sky is a very well balanced dog knowing her own mind and willing to please all the way. Yes Billy is a working progress, but he has so much to offer too and so much scope. He has his whole life ahead of him, he really deserves a break in life now and I’m sure would love to stay with Sky to help him overcome his initial anxieties which can be sorted out with a little bit of time and patience.


Billy is already neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and wormed. Sky will be spayed, vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped prior to re-homing. Both Sky and Billy are being fostered together in Waltham Abbey, Essex near J26 of M25. We are looking to re-home them in or around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done.

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Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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