Slane – 20 month old male Collie Cross

Slane is our gorgeous 20 month old male Collie cross. He is a big teddy bear! Slane is not your usual hyper-active Collie. At 20 months old he is a placid Collie cross, who despite his large size, is laid back and very affectionate. He is a gentle but reserved boy who mixes with other dogs but is not over the top and manic.

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Slane is not in your face and can be a little shy when he meets new people and stands back waiting to be invited rather than jump at you for a fuss although he desperately wants to be your friend and share in the affection that everyone else so ready gets before him. Slane has not had a good time in his short life. He was extremely thin when he went to the dog pound and was very afraid as if he had some bad experience.

Slane is now well contented in his foster home. He loves a fuss and and cuddles made of him and this makes him feel loved, wanted and secure. He loves his walks too and given time and some basic daily routine in his life Slane will become a wonderful companion and friend to his new owners. Slane shows no aggression at all to either humans or other dogs. He seems a bit bewildered at times and just needs re-assurance that nothing bad will come to him.

Slane is not a very good traveler unfortunately at the moment. He is frightened to go into a vehicle and needs to be lifted into it rather than him jumping into the car by himself. We believe that the car/van reminds him of a bad experience. He is not vocal in the car, just a very scared boy. We are hoping that with time, his new owners will be able to show him how to forget the past and connect that maybe a short car ride will give him some wonderful long, free walks and enjoyable times in the country. This will need to be built up slowly and surely and in Slanes own time though.

Slane would love to settle in a loving home with a family who will provide stability, affection and nice walks. He can be homed with another suitable doggy companion which may give Slane the confidence he needs and to be shown that life is worth living again. Slane has not been cat tested. As we do not have a full history of Slane, we will be seeking to re-home him in an adult home or with older children. Slane is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Slane is fostered in North London in a multi dog household. For home checking purposes we would favour suitable applications from prospective adopters who reside in London and neighbouring counties although we will consider applications from further afield for the right home.

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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