Snoopy – 7 year old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Poodle

Little Snoopy also known as Smeagle is in foster in Somerset with a dog, two cats and a 7 year old child. This will be quite a long write up for his profile so please read carefully to see if you offer a good match as its very important to us his next home is his forever home. This little lad came to us a few weeks ago, we had to move him from his first foster home because it became very apparent quickly this little lad has suffered abuse and he would need more time to settle and for us help him build up his confidence over a few weeks before we started our search for his forever home and the foster home was unfortunately soon to be going away on holiday so although not ideal he has learnt another life lesson that change can be good and its all been a very positive experience for him and more people to love, trust and bond with.

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We were told he was not house trained properly and could sprinkle, the problem with this dear little soul was he was so unsure and anxious, when he first arrived his stomach was yellow from where he would roll over and wet himself at anything – if you moved too quickly, raised your voice, threw a toy, he would fall on his back and wee himself, he has very obviously been abused, if you took him out if he saw a car he would flatten to the ground, in the car he would shake, you could not even pick him up without him losing control and wetting himself, he would cock his leg a lot too what we call worry wee’s, when he had his vets appointment it was found he had an infection and was treated with antibiotics and we feel along with them, getting into a routine and feeling secure it more or less stopped over night. He was at this point living with 3 dogs, 2 cats and two teenagers.

Very quickly he stopped worrying about cars going pass as he got used to them, was more relaxed around the house, starting loving his walks, we started mixing him with other dogs that were more his age as the dogs he was being fostered with were older, and he starting learning to play – you will see all these on the video below. Amazing brave clever little boy he started moving forward very quickly. Fantastic off the lead over the fields, he learnt cows were not scary, the car travelling is still work in progress, he is not sick in the car just scared but getting there.

Unfortunately then we had to move him we wanted him to have longer to settle with us before we started the search for his forever home without any pressure so we could be sure he would be ready. So off he went to Somerset with Auntie Fiona and her lovely family which consisted of another dog young this time, 2 cats, 7 year old daughter, two cats and two guinea pigs. We expected him to regress for a few days which he did but not badly nothing like the little dog who first came in. We had a few issues with him in that first week of him guarding toys, the sofa, food never with people just the other dog and cats- all again down to him not being confident, insecure and anxious.

He also would have barking fits if he heard noises that would worry him and it was difficult to distract him. All this has more less disappeared, he is perfectly clean in the house now, has stopped weeing himself with fright although sometimes a tiny bit comes out when he is first picked up to go in the car. He has stopped being jealous of the other dog and enjoys playing with her they are firm buddies. With the cats he has no malice but will try and get them to play with him and will pester them, if they run he will chase too he thinks that is good game although he dog he is being fostered with does too . The Guinea Pigs strangely enough completely ignores he has no interest in them at all. Lovely with the little girl, very friendly with everyone he meets.

Out on a walk he is getting better on his lead and is stopping the barking this will still happen if he gets anxious and at home but can be distracted now. Still fab off the lead with no problems. Chewing no furniture but he seems to be having a late puppy stage that he was probably never allowed to have, so has been stealing toys, pens, shoes etc and trying to take them into the garden to chew. So all in all he is doing fab but he is still work in progress.

We have every hope he will put his whole past behind him in the next 6 months as long as we get the right home. We feel the right home would be with another dog if possible, cats, yes would be fine as long as they could cope with him trying to play with them. We want a home where the people have owned terriers before, he has a lot of terrier traits and we feel terrier people would not find him that difficult, he is not a first time dog owner dog and someone with experience of working with rescue dogs is essential, someone kind but firm enough to guide him, kids he is fine with and other people he is a very friendly dog but we do feel would adapt better to a quieter home without young children and the noise and chaos that accompanies family homes.

Working we would not put him in full time workers home – we feel he would be fine left 3 – 4 hours maximum but would prefer not every day, a home that could give him the exercise and runs he loves and access to other dogs to play with, someone who could build his confidence and carry on the work that has been put into him and guide him through this next crucial 6 months. Someone who will understand he quite possibly will regress for a little bit when he first leaves us. Snoopy is a very loving, sweet bright little dog, he is a character and its been a joy watching his journey as he puts his past behind him a little each day and we will now wait for that right special home to come along. Snoopy has now been castrated, fully vaccinated, chipped, flead and wormed.

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