Snowflake – 1-4 year old female American Bulldog

Snowflake is a 1 to 4 year old female American Bulldog. This pure white girl is beautiful, with lots of enthusiasm and a exuberance for life, she likes a fuss and is happy to be petted. She is looking for a active home and loves her walks. Snowflake is deaf and appears to have been taught hand signals and is responding well Snowflake was recently rehomed but has been returned due to no fault of her own, she was a perfect girl in the home.

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Update: From our volunteers:
Snowflake is my favorite at the moment. She responds to hand signals, once you get her attention. Let her out in the yard on Saturday and she bounded around for a while, then responded to signals for here, sit, paw and heel. Took her out for a walk with a retractable on quite a short lead, she walked really nicely,and kept an eye on me. She is definitely learning that she needs to maintain eye contact with her handler and seeing the regular improvement in her is so rewarding.

Took Snowflake out today on an extendable lead after spending a couple of minutes finding out which hand signals she responded to. No trouble to walk at all, apart from wanting to play with the lead at the start and we ended up going through some right boggy terrain after deciding to take an unknown “shortcut” in the woods. No pulling, no problems – and a gentle dog who was happy to sit and lie down when gestured to. She took a treat very gently and was a model citizen on being returned to her kennel.

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