Sonny – 2 year old male German Shepherd Dog

Sonny is just over 2 years old and a very handsome traditional looking german shepherd. Neutered, microchipped and inoculated. He would suit a cat free home. Although Sonny is good around other dogs when he is out, we would suggest he is either rehomed into a dog free home or with a submissive bitch (preferably of his size) which they can bond together slowly without the issues of dominance or aggression. Although Sonny has never lived with children, we are putting a limit of 12 years+ onto this, he is a big boy and he would rather live amongst adults, or older children as he is bouncy and does get a little excited when his toys are about, which could easily knock smaller/younger children over without intending to do it.

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Sonny has been driving in and around the UK with his previous owner, so is used to being in a car, also has been in hotel rooms too, he is clean and quiet unless told to alert and bark when needed. He is an intelligent boy which will thrive in a new home, he is currently in kennels which he is doing well, he has been in and out of kennels most of his life due to his owner back and forth to Spain with his job. We would suggest an experienced home which would be able to work on a couple of minor issues but due to him pushing a couple of boundaries with being 2yrs and maturing now this needs to have experience and would be too much for a novice. Overall an amazing young shepherd which has a lot of potential!

Sonny was so bonded to his previous owner he does now suffer with abandonment issues, which is similar to separation anxiety but without the noise of howling/vocally fretting/barking. Sonny will frett and sulk badly when someone he adores (which is usually the male of the house) and he will not focus on anyone or anything else until this person returns. Sonny would suit either his owner being at home all the time, or being able to go to work with his owner, as he needs and thrives on the company more so the male and he does I would say ‘breaks his heart’ as he does feel he was abandoned when his owner had to surrender him to the rescue – it will take some time for Sonny to come through this, but if you can follow the consistent advice and guidelines we will provide the new owner with and you can take Sonny either to work with you or he can be with you most of the time, Sonny will be an amazing companion to have around. He is strikingly intelligent, and this shines through with how and who he bonds with. Like with most dogs he will pick his new owner it is not a matter of meeting the dog and hoping you get on, you will know from within 10/15mins of meeting sonny if he likes you and will bond with you.

With these kind of issues you can not expect them to disappear over night, in a way Sonny has had to grieve for his previous owner (although he is not dead) as he will not be seeing him again, and obviously Sonny does not understand why his owner who took Sonny with him everywhere is now nowhere to be seen. You now have to replace this with a similar bond and allow Sonny to work through his issues, bonding to you, and understanding you are not going to abandon him again. Please do not take on a dog more so like sonny as he looks a lovely dog and you assume you can deal with the issues – you will be asked to demonstrate when you meet Sonny how you will be dealing with his issues on the day of the meet and greet, if we do not feel you are upto the job of mending Sonny’s heart then we will not proceed with the adoption. We are here to make sure Sonny is not abandoned again please respect this.

If you wish to proceed with adopting Sonny please visit our website and complete the online adoption application form which is under the ADOPT A DOG section. Adoption fee is £200 – we ask for this donation amount for a reason please do not try to haggle with us over the adoption amount. You can either afford it or not.

Sonny is in our kennels in the South Yorkshire area – you will be expected to travel to the kennels to meet Sonny – we do not deliver dogs.

All our dogs in kennels are fed on ROYAL CANIN GSD and are thriving on the food, we provide every new owner with 4 weeks free pet insurance and lifetime back up support.

Rescue De-Activated

Rescue De-Activated

This rescue has closed and is no longer part of the community.
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