Sooty – 6 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Please meet super Sooty. Sooty is a 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier who sadly came into rescue when her previous owner passed away, because of this sooty attaches herself very quickly and will follow you everywhere, that said she is perfectly happy when left on her own, she isn’t noisy or destructive, but when you are in, she likes to be close by! Sooty is generally extremely quiet, however when you walk through the door if you have been out, she will give you the best greeting, she goes absolutely mad, wagging her tail and jumping around to say hello! sooty is a tiny scruffy Jack Russell, my rabbit is actually bigger than her!


She knows all her basic commands such as sit and please. When you ask her to say please she will sit up on her back legs, its the most adorable thing! She is very good at dinner time, she will just sit there and wait patiently for her dinner, also when your eating your dinner she will just sit beside the table. Sooty is toilet trained and will ask to go out to the toilet by walking back and fourth to the door, however she does have an occasional accident if not let out in the morning.

Sooty is sociable with other dogs, she is currently living with 7 other dogs of all shapes and sizes, she could live with a small male dog but I think she would prefer not to share her human! Sooty would be the most perfect companion for an older single person that is looking for a snuggly companion, that said she could also live quite happily in a family environmet with older children 14 +. Sooty is spritely and playful, loves her walks and loves to play but is equally as happy sitting on your lap or next to you watching the world go by, sooty really is an extremly loyal loving little companion dog and would be a fantastic addition to her new family, could that be you?

Sooty is fully vaccinated, mico chipped, spayed, flead and wormed. Please contact All Animals Rescue and Rehoming at

All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

For further details regarding adopting a dog from All Animals Rescue and Rehome in Essex please email or call 07519 724073 from 9-5 PM. Please note, emails/applications etc are responded to as soon as possible, but this may be up to 4 days. All animals rescue and re-homing is a non kill rescue that will take any animal in need of rescue. All animals that come in will be fully vet checked, flead and wormed, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, also every animal will be fully assesed in a home environment for at least 3 weeks. All potential adopters will be asked to complete a questionnaire and an adoption fee from £175 applies.
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