Spencer – 18 month old male Boxer Cross

Hi, my name is Spencer, I’m a 18 month old Boxer cross. I was abandoned for no fault of my own and have spent a few weeks in a cold pound and alone waiting to be saved. I’m not going to lie its been tough but I’m always smiling. Thankfully All Dogs Matter stepped in and sent some kind people to save me. They collected me in a big black car and took me to a safe rescue kennels, they said they would try to find me a home where someone would show me love and affection until I’m old and grey – no more being on my own!


I was a bit scared at first but the nice people even let me sit in the front of the car like big boy. I sat down in the passenger footwell with my head on the kind lady’s leg. I heard them say how much of a Good Boy I was as I was well behaved in the car. I was happy just to have some humans to talk to. They brought me a collar and lead which I’m allowed to keep. They even brought me a cuddly toy to play with while I’m in the rescue kennels awaiting my new home. It’s still cold in here and I’m still alone but I know I’m on the road to finding a family of my own. I walk well on a lead and I’m friendly to everyone I meet, both humans and my K9 friends. My tail doesn’t ever stop wagging. I even give big kisses to the extra nice people I meet.

Hopefully someone will come along soon and give me a chance at a happy life. All I want is a family to share my joy with, I can live with children 8 years plus and a comfy sofa I can cuddle on would be a bonus as well. I adore people and I’m in good physical shape so would like someone to take me for regular walks and help me stay healthy. If your family can find it in your heart to offer me a safe warm place I’ll return the love a thousand times with interest. I have so much to offer, please don’t overlook me. If you like me or even any of my other K9 friends on the All Dogs Matter site please do get in touch.

Lots of love and sloppy kisses,


November is Staffie Month!

It’s Staffie month! All Dogs Matter would like to promote our lovely Staffies that are available for adoption. Staffies are wonderful pets, they bond well with their families and they love to be with people especially! It is unfortunate that they are often given such bad press as Staffies are very sociable, lovable creatures. If you feel that you can provide one of our Staffies with a forever home or even a foster home, please consider adopting/fostering one from us.

During November, you can adopt one of our lovely Staffies for £75 – after a home check is carried out. Our adoption fee includes neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, de-worming and de-fleaing. Adopting fees go back towards the ever-growing amount of abandoned dogs.

All Dogs Matter London
For further details regarding adopting a dog from All Dogs Matter, please email info@alldogsmatter.co.uk or telephone 0208 341 3196 / 07904 472 678. Address: 30 Aylmer Parade, London, N2 0PE. We are located in London. All Dogs Matter is a registered dog rescue and rehoming charity based in North London. Our aim us to rescue and rehome dogs in and around London and surrounding areas. We work hard to help rescue and rehome as many abandoned and homeless dogs as we can. The dogs who come into our care are strays, from pounds or simply dogs whose owners no longer can or want to keep. The dogs are a variety of breeds and come in all shapes and sizes! We neuter, vaccinate and microchip each dog and then pair it with the right new owner, ensuring that it will be safe, cared for and loved for the rest of its life.
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