Spud – 12 month old male Mastiff Cross

Spud is a 12 month old male Mastiff Cross. Poor Spud really needs help. At such a young age, I’ve never seen such fear of the outside world, he literally wants to run away from life 🙁 Spud inside the house, is a typical bouncy puppy, who loves to play, have cuddles and learn. Spud has been to day care and shown no concerns in a huge multi dog environment. He loves his grub and is house and crate trained. He wants to be involved in everything you do inside the house.

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Upon leaving the house for a walk, with the pack he is better, but nervous and reactive to people (lunges and barks, this is out of fear and not nastiness) he will go for a walk and slowly calm down on this own he just wants to bolt or get back to the house and security of inside. We are looking for a highly experienced home who have a calm steady older dog he can learn from. We are looking for a home who will foster and work on Spud till he has learnt the world is not a scary place. He will need a secure garden with high strong fences, although from what he has shown he just wants to get back in the house as soon as he as been toilet.

Spud is a lovely, sweet puppy who has been through unknown terrors which has resulted in a young dog not knowing how to cope with the outside world. He is keen to learn, wants to show love and wants love in return. In return for your hard work and dedication to Spud, you will get 10 fold back in love and a wonderful dog.

Spud has been around kids and has proven himself to be fantastic with kids, but due to his reactions outside the house, older (10+) would be considered.

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