Storm – 10 month old male Collie Cross

Storm is a 10 month old male Collie Cross. Storm is a gorgeous, loving typical Collie puppy. Everything is a million miles an hour and he is always looking for the next stimulation. Typical of his breed he is a very smart energetic bundle of fun. Storm loves the ladies and the ladies love him! He can be a bit wary of men and may react if approached by them although, with time and treats, he soon overcomes his fear. He needs plenty of attention and exercise as well as help to learn his social skills but is, on the whole, a loveable clown with the grace of Bambi and the heart of Simba.

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Storm loves the ladies! He forgets his own size and will always find a space on even the smallest lady lap. Storm is wary of men and can react if approached. Given time and space he soon warms up to the males but they will never replace the girls in his life. As a typical baby Collie he is very excitable so, at this stage, older children only. He doesn’t need any excuse to go into “banshee” mode. Storm is fine in the company of other dogs but, as with most youngsters, he struggles with boundaries and needs a strong doggy friend or friends to teach him social skills and manners. Although he lives with a dog-savvy cat and parrots at the moment, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to stalk the cat so we advise no small pets at this stage.

Storm needs constant stimulation. A Collie savvy family will be ideal because, as Collie people know, Collies are hyper intelligent dogs who require mental stimulation and plenty of exercise. Storm can attack his bed when he gets bored so he should not be left for long periods. He will bark when left but he soon calms down. Storm is house trained, crate trained and generally well behaved. He does eat in his crate as he can be dominant over his food. Storm can be dominant over his house toys but is fantastic outside with his ball. Storm is great on a harness but introducing him to other dogs and new people should be managed.

Storm needs a Collie savvy active home. He is a happy, friendly, loving puppy who needs time and attention to help him to reach his potential. Additional training such as Agility Classes would help to stimulate him mentally and he needs plenty of exercise to tire him out, even if he is ready to go again after a 15 minute snooze. He needs access to space where he can burn off his puppy excitement.

Storm is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet him in his foster home in Crewe.

If you are interested in adopting Storm please read about our rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form ( link here ) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.

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