Sunny – 11 month old female Old English Bulldog cross Old Tyme Bulldog

Sunny is an Old English Bulldog cross Old Tyme Bulldog aged approximately 11 months old and she is a typical Bulldog, Sunny by name, Sunny by nature! She loves playing and this was ultimately the reason she came into the Rescue; she plays constantly and unless checked this can sometimes escalate into slightly too rough interactions with her then canine housemates, leading to some very minor war wounds. However, her foster carer says that there is not an ounce of nastiness in her – she just gets over-excited.

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She is, in fact, such a happy soul that we have changed her name from Storm to the much more appropriate (in our eyes) Sunny. Her tail never stops wagging from the moment she wakes to the moment she finally falls asleep; she loves everyone it would seem. She is currently living, with her foster mum, with a pack of 10 dogs and interacts perfectly with them all – ranging in size from 10kg dogs to the giants at 70+kg! She has been snapped at occasionally when one of the others felt she had overstepped the mark but there has never been any negative reaction from her at all – she simply moves out of the way and finds someone else to hang out with.

Whilst Sunny is crate trained, it would be fair to say that she needs some convincing to go in there but once in, she will happily share the space with a friend and chill out. She has shown no resource-guarding issues with either toys or food. She is house-trained and will ask to go outside.

One area where she does still need work is walking properly on lead. Although work has been started on this as soon as she arrived with us, she does still have a tendency both to pull and to weave in and out and cross over in front of her foster’s feet! Her overwhelming friendliness means that she likes to stop and say hello to everyone she meets when out on her walk – quite the social butterfly in fact!

She is due to be spayed at the end of August and by the first weekend in September she will be available for adoption. Sunny has a minor cleft palate – which is manifested by a slight split in her lip – but this does not hinder either her eating or her breathing in any way. It just seems to add to her unique charm and quirkiness. Her foster mum says that her happiness is infectious, and is a pleasure to foster and will bring her joy of life to her forever family.

Sunny is such an all-round star that we are expecting plenty of interest in her, so if you think she would make the perfect addition to YOUR family, get your application in quickly! We think, in view of her age and energy levels (although she is not ‘hyper’ and will settle down when told to) she would be best suited to an active family and ideally one with a dog already as she clearly loves to have her canine company as well as her humans to love. To begin that procedure, please complete a homecheck request form which can be completed on line, at the bottom of the page here

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