Sweetpea – 2-3 year old female Jura Hound Cross

Sweetpea is a 2 to 3 years old, female, Jura Hound Cross. Sweetpea is a rescue from Cyprus who is now in a foster home in Wakefield, hoping to find her forever home. Now I have to tell you quite a lot about Sweetpea. Like her name suggests she is simply a very sweet girl. However Sweetpea had a tough time in Cyprus and it has taken its toll on her. Sweetpea is very nervous, skittish, frightened of sudden movements and loud noises etc. She is getting better but she still has a long way to go. After 3 weeks in her foster home she will now approach her foster mum and cuddle up to her. She will also now eat out of her foster mum’s hand when food is offered, but she prefers to eat alone. Sweetpea is also happy to follow her foster mum on walks, and walks well on the lead. However she will freak and panic if a car or other humans pass her.

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Sweetpea adores other dogs and plays happily all day with them. She is fine with cats. She is completely house trained. Sweetpea does not like crates and after all she has been through it may be too much to expect her to have to endure one. She sleeps quietly through the night on her foster mum’s bed or in her own bed in the bedroom. She is fine if left, as long as she is with another dog or two. We are not sure how she would be if left on her own. Sweetpea needs a very special person. She needs someone who has immense patience and an understanding of the life she has been through.

She needs someone who will not give up on her and who can show her that she is now safe and cared for. She is so wary of humans it will take time for her to adjust to you. She needs a safe, secure garden so that she can run and play off lead. Another dog would be ideal as she really enjoys the company of other dogs. It would also help her confidence. She also needs to be in a home where she is given a lot of attention to help her trust and to bring her character out. She is a work in progress. Her new parent(s) will need to be quiet, gentle people. She would not enjoy being with children as they will probably terrify her. Sweetpea doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

Sweetpea’s foster mum says that Sweetpea is now starting to bond with her and that she can see, given time and understanding she will be a very loyal, loving pet. Time and patience will be needed at first to help her to relax and trust you. But you will eventually be rewarded as she has the potential to be the most amazing, loving girl. She needs to learn that life is for enjoying and we hope to find her someone who can show her just how much fun her life can be!

For more details please contact us. She has been neutered vaccinated and microchipped. Minimum adoption donation £275. ADOPTION IS SUBJECT TO HOME CHECK. Post adoption support and advice is offered by our charity.

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For further details about adopting a dog from DOG Rescue Cyprus, based in the UK, please email adoptadalidog@gmail.com . Please note, dogs from this rescue will be neutered/spayed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to adoption and a minimum suggested donation £275 will apply, unless the advert states otherwise. Home checks are carried out pre-adoption and full post adoption back up support is offered.
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