Tank – 15 week old male English Bulldog

Tank is a 15 week old male English Bulldog. Tank has come into us as he has an issue with his legs, all four legs are affected. He is suffering with swollen legs as a result of poor lymphatic drainage. This is a condition that is common amongst Bull Dogs. There is no cure for his condition but it can be managed with regular massage, swimming and occasionally medication if there is a particularly bad flare up. Tank is no different in how he is to any “normal” pup, he just gets lots of massage and leg rubbing which he obviously enjoys. We would like to ensure his condition is fully under control before we re home him so will keep him in rescue for a couple more weeks until the vets are happy with his progress and he his legs are improved. He has a super personality and is a stunning pup.

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When he is ready to be re homed he will need new owners who are around for most of the day and preferably owners who are experienced with Bulldogs. They need owners who understand all their health, feeding and training requirements. Tank will be re homed on a neutering contract and must be neutered at the correct time as part of this, proof will be required. He is fine with other dogs and loves to play, we would love him to be re homed with another dog if possible. He is fine with cats and takes no notice of them at all. Tank can be homed with older sensible children who understand that as a young pup he still needs lots of rest times as well as play times.

He travels well in the car and is happy to sleep in his crate at night. Tank has Kennel cough currently so cannot start his vaccination just yet. As soon as he is clear and the vets are happy he will start his vaccinations He is up to date with flea and worming treatment.

We will hold any applications received until Tank is passed as fit to be re homed, once given the all clear we will consider all applications – we cannot be precise with timings as we are governed by the little man himself and how well he does. Tank is currently on foster in Aldershot Hants.

*Update October 2017*

Tank is not improving as we would have liked. At his first appointment he had a lung wash and cultures were taken and sent off to the lab to check the bacteria. He was placed onto an antibiotic which should have cleared the pneumonia. This has not happened and Tank is still sounding dreadful and very chesty. Last weeks check up showed a slight improvement in his chest sounds but no where near what was needed. We have added in another antibiotic in addition to his original one. Combined it was hoped again that this would sort him.

Tank never wishing to make life easy for us has not improved. He is still very chesty and coughs on exercise. He has the combined antibiotics, a medication to open his airways and a medication to dry any mucus that may be in his lungs. None of this has done the trick!

We are back to the vets on Thursday to see what else we can do. Please do keep this lad in your thoughts, although his pictures look wonderful life still very much hangs in the balance for this little chap.

UPDATE: November 2017

Tank is still continuing to make progress it has been slow but we are hopeful that we are now on the right track. His lymphodema continues to need managing with massage and when required
Bandaging his legs to reduce the swelling. This will be an ongoing requirement for Tank when he is re homed, we will be looking for new owners that have experience with bulldogs and an understanding of his lymphodema. We appreciate that Many people will want to adopt this lad but he really does need Bulldog experienced owners. He is gaining weight at a vast rate and weighs almost 8kg now, he is totally obsessed and driven by any food Which will be a great training tool.

Tank can be a bit full on with dogs smaller than himself, he has little concept that not every other dog wishes to play with him and he can be too much for some. He will need at least one other similar resident dog in the home As he loves his canine companions. We cannot state what the future will hold with regards to his legs, they may or may not cause issues in the future. This is something that will not be covered by insurance as his condition has been present since birth. Please consider fully the costs implications of this lad before you apply. He could be lucky and have no complications in the future, this is our hope for him but is not something that we can guarantee.

We still need to ensure his chest is fully clear before he will be ready to be re homed. We appreciate that many people are wanting updates on this lad but the reality is that very little will happen between visits to the vets now. We will of course update you as soon as we have further news.

Our sincere thanks go to all of those who have donated towards this babies care, our vet bills are huge as we have so many dogs needing treatment. Every penny donated has helped us and we are very grateful. If you are able to make a regular monthly donation no matter how small, it will allow us to continue to help dogs like Tank. Please drop us an email and ask for a Standing Order form if you would like to make a difference to a furry friend.

*UPDATE December 2017*

Tank has not changed much nor has his condition, he has grown at an alarming rate and now weighs a hefty 12kg. He has come along way from the tiny scrap that arrived some months ago. Tanks condition has neither improve nor worsened. He has had periods where his chest has been great and at other times we have needed to up his medication.

Re homing Tank was always going to be difficult because we could offer no guarantees going forwards with him, we simply do not know what the future holds for him. We have found a home for Tank, he will be living with another bulldog lady who will hopefully Keep him in check and make sure that he behaves himself at least a little bit! The family are close to the vets and understand the breed. It means that Tank can continue with our vets supporting him going forward.

We know that there will be so very many disappointed people who hoped they would have the chance to adopt Tank, we went with the home that was best for Tank and his future. We hope that everyone who applied will continue their search for a rescue dog, don’t forget Otis and Warner will hopefully be looking for their new homes very soon. I will as his foster miss Tank so very very much. The thought of him going is awful but we know our job is done, only those that no one wants get to stay with us. Tank has been so very very lucky to have had so much support and some wonderful offers of homes. We are so very grateful to you all, Tank has grown into his name and we hope he goes forward to live a long and happy life.

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