Ted and Fido – 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross-Breeds

Ted and Fido are both Jack Russell Terrier Cross-Breeds who are both 3 years old. They came to us from a property of 90 dogs and so when they first arrived they were under socialised and terrified of everything. They have come a long way in the year they have been in our care and their confidence continues to grow daily. Both boys struggle with new people to begin with but with plenty of patience and treats they do start to relax and make friends. Once they trust you, both boys love having a fuss made of them and being brushed. Fido loves having a lap to sit on and Ted will roll over for belly rubs!

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Both boys have learned how to play and now love toys – squeaky ones are their favourite! They enjoy going for walks and have now started to toilet outside on a regular basis which is a big step for them! They do still occasionally mess their bed, especially during times of stress so their new family will need to be prepared for a few accidents along the way. Ted and Fido suffer from separation anxiety and need a new owner who has had experience dealing with separation anxiety in the past. Currently they can be left together for about 10 minutes before becoming distressed which we have built up over time as Ted in particular really struggles being left.

Ted and Fido’s new garden will need to be fully secure from escape as both boys will squeeze through small gaps. Fido can also jump quite high and so we’d recommend a fencing height of at least 6ft. Although they will be a lot of hard work and will require so much patience, these boys will be so rewarding for whoever takes them under their wing. The boys cannot live with cats or small animals such as rabbits but can live with another dog. Coming from a property of 90 terriers, they do feel more comfortable around smaller dogs but we have been slowly successfully building their confidence around larger ones.

They are both scared of children and so cannot live with children under 14 years old and would not be able to live in a home where there would be younger children visiting on a regular basis.??

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