Teddy – 13 year old male Wheaten Terrier

Teddy, aka Ted, is a 13 year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier who is in an Oldies Club foster home in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and is ready to find his permanent home. Teddy hasn’t lived with another dog before but he has been very good with dogs he has met out and about and has never shown any aggression. He sometimes seems a little nervous and he is usually the first to back off when interacting with other dogs. Teddy might be able to live with another dog in his new home but it would need to be older, calm and friendly.

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Teddy hasn’t lived with cats before and he seems interested in chasing them when out, so would be best in a cat-free home. He is also quite interested in the pet rabbits at his foster home, when he can see them, but when the rabbits are out of sight he ignores the rabbit enclosure and finds other things to sniff. Teddy has been good with children he has met when out and he has spent some time with older, dog-experienced children and enjoyed their company for a while. However, as Teddy has never lived with children and is an older boy with poor hearing, so is easily startled, he would be happiest in a quiet, adult home. He would be happy to have sensible older children visit him from time to time though.

Teddy’s favourite pastimes are visiting new places where other dogs have been, sleeping, ambling and sniffing. On energetic days Ted will throw his toy or dental stick in the air to practise his pouncing. He can be a little nervous of bouncy or pushy dogs. And he can be startled by sudden movements or noises, due to having poor hearing. When he first arrived in foster he didn’t like the top of his head being stroked but he will tolerate it briefly now. He would enjoy a quiet home where he will have company for a good part of the day. He would be happy with sensible, visiting children. He would particularly like a home where he will have exciting trips out to new places to add interest to his days.

Teddy is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has been wormed and flea treated. He has a few fatty lumps but the only one the vet was concerned about has been tested and is harmless. Teddy’s back legs are sometimes a bit weak when he first gets up out of bed. His hearing is poor. Teddy’s lovely coat will need regular clipping. He was a good boy at the groomers.

The Oldies Club
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