Thor – 12 week old male French Bulldog

Thor is a 12 week old male French Bulldog. Little Thor has continued to amaze us all with his tenacity and zest for life. He does not realize he is any different to any other dog. He has an issue with one eye caused by his lack of ability to blink, this is treated with eye drops to keep his eye lubricated and comfortable. This little lad comes with no guarantees that he will have a long life, all we know is he is happy, loves life and is pain free.

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We could potentially do an MRI scan to ascertain the extent of his issues and to confirm hydrocephalus, however the risk of an anaesthetic is quite high with this lad and there are no certainties that it will actually tell us anymore than we already know. We will be discussing Thor with our vets next week to evaluate how we move forward with him. He loves life, loves other dogs, loves the cat and is an all round adorable bundle of trouble! His house training is progressing well, he is mostly clean overnight in his crate and is quiet and content. He does like to have some down time and will happily pop into his crate for a snooze.

Thor travels well in the car. Ideally we are looking for someone who can accept that Thor’s life may be limited but that he doesn’t need to be wrapped up, he needs to be a dog and enjoy his life for however long he may have this could be years and years or not, we just don’t know. What we do know is that he would like other dogs in his new home as he adores a good game, he is fine with older sensible children and good with cats. He is a young pup so will need someone around for most of the day. Any one considering applying for Thor needs to fully understand the commitment they are making to him, he will need an extra special home.

We will be happy to chat at length with applicants who may be suitable for Thor and we will of course be happy to share his clinical history. He is currently being fostered in Aldershot Hampshire, The adoption process will take a little time as we need to ensure that the match is right and the vets are happy for him to be re homed. We will discuss his neutering with the vets next week to see if this is a possibility for him in the future health dependant.

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