Toby – 1 year old male Dachshund Cross

Toby is very good with other dogs, and loves to curl up with them for a snooze. He is used to spending time with dogs both big and small, and plays nicely with both, although can get a bit boisterous, he does calm down when told to. When he has met dogs in their homes he has greeted them very nicely. He really is a lovely boy. He travels reasonably well in the car, he isn’t travel sick.

Toby loves other dogs, people and children but he does not like birds in any shape or form. He really is a lovely boy, its just wasn’t fair to leave him in his old home as they had a parrot and he was fixated on it to the point that he would never leave it alone so the owners felt that it was not fair on him or to the parrot to keep them in the same house any longer .

His best points – He is loving a great little dog. He is great with other dogs including the greyhounds he lives with. He doesn’t pull on the lead, but can be vocal when he sees someone/something he doesn’t understand. He is used to going visiting and he settles quickly when visiting a place for the first time. He has learnt to be respectful of the other dogs’ food at dinner time.


What may need some more work -Toby fixates on the parrot and we feel it is no longer safe for him to continue to live with her. He had been re-homed within the family, but unfortunately he killed a pet chicken on Friday and they can no longer keep him so he will need to go to a home with no birds and his new owners must be careful of his drive to kill birds.

Current location – In foster home in Solihull.

Fosterers report : Nice little chap who is social with other dogs. He is toilet trained and doesn’t make any mess over night either. He is also crate trained and settles quietly in his crate over night if required. He has not been tested as an only dog over night. He loves to play with toys, both on his own, with his humans and with other dogs. He is not protective of his toys. He loves his chewies. He is very food oriented and can be quickly trained. He is very smart and picks things up quickly. He sometimes likes to push his boundaries, but when reminded of the rules he quickly stops. Toby hasn’t been tested with small animals. We know he did spend some time in a house with cats when he was much younger, he did try to chase the cats a few times, but stopped when he got a swipe from one of the cats. His favourite thing in the world is curling up with someone for a snooze (dog or human) he loves to jump up on the sofa a lie cuddled up to your knee.

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated – YES; Neutered – YES; Micro chipped – YES. If you would like to give this cheeky chappie a home then please contact the rescue or see

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

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