Toby – 5 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Toby is a 5 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Our beautiful Toby has been through the mill over the past few months, but we are pleased to say he is SAFE and ready to find his forever home! Toby was from us as a puppy, he was returned in the summer. Following a house move, Toby was a little unsettled. Three days later his owner unfortunately left the back gate open and Toby found himself outside, lose and in an area he did not know. He ended up in a dog fight, which resulted in a court case. Toby was brought straight back to us and until we knew what the courts wanted to do with him we were unable to advertise him for rehoming. After many stressful months of waiting and fighting the courts our little boy has finally been allowed to find the loving home he so rightly deserves! Although there will be conditions to follow for the rest of his life, he can finally find a mum and dad! We have bonded so much with Toby over the months he has been here and can say from the bottom of our hearts that he is one of the sweetest, most loving, beautiful dogs we have ever met. We simply adore him.

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Toby is a sensitive dog, he is gentle and affectionate, but does have his mad moments playing with his toys! He has lots of character and will certainly keep his new home entertained for the rest of his life. Be warned that he will open presents from underneath the Christmas tree, this is all part of his charm!! Toby would suit an adult only home. Although he is very friendly, due to the conditions the courts have put in place, any future accidents would be less likely if there are no children in the house. He needs to be the only pet. Despite the fight with the dog that landed him in so much trouble, Toby has never displayed that behaviour before and has never shown any aggression to other dogs here. Since he has been with us, the stresses of so many changes in this last 6 months have meant that Toby would benefit from somebody home the majority of the day as he worries when left alone. Toby is a truly wonderful boy with a warm, loving heart. He will make the most loving, loyal companion. Although the conditions below will have to remain in place for life, the rescue will give full support to Toby’s future home. So please don’t let them put you off from giving him a home as he will make a fantastic friend!

The Court Ruling: The court found Toby does not pose a danger to the public and that Freshfields Animal Rescue fulfill the fit and proper person test. The courts have imposed a Contingent Destruction order (this means that if Toby was to find himself in trouble again or the conditions are breached, he would find himself back in court again as would the owner/carer for Toby, he may be seized and the courts may go ahead with a destruction order) with the conditions below. We feel we must point out that with these conditions in place, with a sensible owner it is highly unlikely that Toby would find himself in court again!

Toby’s Conditions: Toby is to remain in the ownership of F.A.R; · A chain lock is to be fitted on the external door of the property he resides at; Internal door locks; A baskerville muzzle to be worn in public; A secure lead of less than 1.5 metres; A long line lead may be used to exercise Toby on private land; Third party insurance must be in place at all times by any party that cares for Toby; Toby is not walked by anybody under 18 years of age; F.A.R are required to monitor any new carer every 3 months for the first year and after that period as necessary.

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