Toby – 3-4 year old male Cross-Breed

Toby is 3-4 years old male Cross-Breed, small-medium sized dog who is people and dog friendly. He is currently in Romania til he gets an adoption offer. Have you always wanted a Golden Retriever but never wanted a big dog? Then this is your chance to have a “mini” Golden. (Of course his gene pool is huge, so no guarantees what sort of mix he is). Officially, his name is Toby and he is a nobody’s dog but now he is a dog looking for a family.

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This is what our rescuer has to say about him: “He’s staying with me right now. What did I notice in 3 days? That he’s so sensitive and good, he’s going to the top of the house, he’s lying in a place more and he’s just following us with the sad look, like he’s afraid to bother. He is a wonderful furry soul and as much as I try, I can’t understand why they threw it away like a useless rag.”

Toby stands 38cm tall and weighs about 10kg – as they say, it’s not small, but not big either! He does need to put on some weight and should weigh 12-13kg approximately.

This week he will be vaccinated, then castrated, and will have a chip and passport issued. He can travel in less than a month once his rabies is completed.

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