Toby and Josie – 10 year old male German Shepherd Dog and 11 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Whippet

Toby, a 10-year-old German Shepherd, and his devoted little chum, Josie, an 11-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Whippet, have lived together since Toby was a pup. They’re in the care of the Oldies Club rescue as their owner became too poorly to look after them. Toby & Josie have moved to a foster home in Edinburgh.

In their former home, Toby and Josie hadn’t been walked for quite some time and so hadn’t been socialising with dogs or humans. This resulted in them being defensive on walks, and Toby having separation anxiety, but, with the help of a behaviourist, their current foster carers have made a lot of progress with these things and they are responding to training very well. Oldies Club would pay for a suitably qualified behaviourist to advise Toby and Josie’s new fosterers/adopters if required.

Although Toby still has some separation anxiety, his foster carers can leave him for a few hours, provided he doesn’t see them leave the house. They distract him with treats and then sneak out of the back door! He’s then OK to be left alone with Josie for 4 or 5 hours. However, we do anticipate that a move to another home will make Toby feel anxious again until he settles in, so we are seeking a home where it isn’t essential that they are left for long at first, and where their new family can continue to work on Toby’s separation training. They only need a toilet break every 5 or 6 hours and are very clean in the home.

Toby is still learning how to socialise with other dogs, so he and Josie need to be your only dogs. Josie is very friendly with dogs, so hopefully once Toby has had further training, they will be able to mix with dogs. Toby and Josie need a home without cats as they aren’t used to living with them and Toby wants to chase cats if he sees them outside. Toby and Josie haven’t lived with children before but they have been very good with ones they have met. We think they should be fine to live with sensible teenagers who have lived with large dogs previously.

Toby and Josie traveled from Kent to their foster home in Lancashire and were good in the car. Their favourite pastimes are walking; sitting on the sofa; being petted; having their daily 5-10 minutes ‘command training sessions’ with clickers. Toby’s dislikes are fireworks and the vacuum cleaner. He is still learning how to behave around other dogs. Josie’s dislikes are fireworks and the vacuum cleaner. Raised voices. Their ideal home: A quiet to relatively active household. They can be couch potatoes and enjoy sitting on the sofa with you, but they also enjoy going out walking with you and sniffing for up to an hour.

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Toby and Josie are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and have been wormed and flea treated. The vet says they are doing very well for their ages. Their hearts, hearing, weight, skin, coat, teeth, joints etc. are all good for their ages. Eyes are a bit cloudy but no sign of cataracts. The vet mentioned that Toby has a slightly tight hip so you just need to slowly introduce exercises to him.

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