Todd – 10 year old male English Bull Terrier

My name is Tod and I am a 10 year old English Bull Terrier. Some fantastic and loving people have paid for me to be cared for and looked after me whilst I looked for my home. For the last two years I could not be rehomed as many thought I had aggression issues. Then I came to a Bull Terrier specific handler at the end of the summer in 2011 to see if my issues could be sorted out. Well they have been, bipeds now understand why I have acted as I have done.

Truth be told I have terrible eye sight on my left so when furries come up to me on that side all I can see is a blur and shadowy movement. Well after being attacked by others from this side I am very wary and will move to protect myself so I require someone who understands this and can do what is required to protect me and be my guardian. The biped that can offer me this means I will become a most loyal and faithful friend. I would also ask that you put a little cream in my eye daily which costs a pitance.

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Added to my one bad eye I am hard of hearing. No, not deaf but just like many of you out there, the years have taken their toll. Nobody has offered me a hearing aid. I am aged 10 and am very spritly and full of life. Love a good bound around the garden and a good game with a large ball. Adore chewing on a rack of lamb ribs and munching my way through tripe. Nothing better than going out into the countryside for a run amongst all the smells but away from others. What I truly need is a nice warm place in a loving home with somebody who understands my breed. They will account for my eyesight and hearing and they will be my eyes and ears, helping me through my future years.

Apart from what I have mentioned I am fit and healthy with a zest for life. I have no other illness or requirement for medication other than my eye cream whos cost is negligable. I adore people and love to have a fuss made and if my eyesight was better I would love to be with a young family. I do not want to walk miles everyday nor will you expect me to mix with other four legged furries. I only want to live with my new companion and protector and no other pets. I need a safe enviroment as I sometimes run into things that are on my left side, so living with a young child would not work in case of an accident. If I became excited I could end up bowling them over.

So if you have plenty of Bull Terrier experience, have a suitable enviorment and can understand the issues involved here please contact these kind people who have saved my life and see if you and I get on. You will be home checked by New Hope Rescue representatives prior to any meeting with me and you will be required to keep my current diet which has made a major impact on my life. I am not for the inexperienced so unless you have had a few Bull Terriers in your time and can prove it please do not apply for me.

If you are a special Bullie person, with a lovely home, a little garden area where I can enjoy some freedom safely without being bothered by others and you lead a quite life I would love to meet you. If on the other hand you lead a full hectic family life then maybe I would ask that you look at some of the others looking for homes on the next pages. So many looking and so few homes please find me. There is a lid for every bottle please be my lid!

Homecheck, adoption contract and donation apply.

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