Todd – 4 year old male Beagle Cross

Todd is a 4 year old male Beagle Cross. Todd is a rescue from Cyprus who is currently living in a foster home in Nottingham. He has flown to the UK hoping to find a loving, forever home. His foster mum describes Todd as “a very loving and friendly dog once he’s comfortable with you!” Todd needs to be settled in his own home where he can relax and feel safe. At present he is a little nervous and can be excitable as he has struggled a little with the changes in his life. He is nervous around heavy traffic, crowds, pushchairs, travelling in cars and on buses. His foster mum is working on this with him and taking time to introduce him slowly to these things. She has found that given time he does adapt quite quickly. He’s good with cats but can be wary of and timid around other dogs. He is well mannered around food and has shown no signs of aggression at all.

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Todd doesn’t like being left alone even for short periods of time. He either chews or steals things or both if left to his own devices. He’s good on the lead generally but will pull if you let him and probably would benefit from some basic lead training. Off the lead he is generally good but as yet he has not met other animals on his walks so we are not sure how he would be with them. His favourite thing on a walk is sniffing (typical of a hound!) and he will try to drag you to a good smell on the lead. He has selective hearing off the lead if a good smell distracts him, so some recall training would also be of benefit to him. His foster mum feels he would thrive as more of an outdoor country dog than a house dog in the city as he gets bored very easily. Todd is very intelligent and has massive potential with a firm but kind family to become a fantastic pet.

We want to find this gorgeous boy a safe, loving family who will help him continue to grow in confidence and live his life to the full. As with any other dog joining your family he will benefit from ongoing training and guidance to help him develop into his full potential as a fabulous family pet.

If you can offer this loving, star of a boy his very own forever home and family, please contact us. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Minimum adoption donation of £275 applies. ADOPTIONS SUBJECT TO HOME CHECK. Post adoption support is available from our charity.

DOG Rescue Cyprus
For further details about adopting a dog from DOG Rescue Cyprus, based in the UK, please email . Please note, dogs from this rescue will be neutered/spayed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to adoption and a minimum suggested donation £275 will apply, unless the advert states otherwise. Home checks are carried out pre-adoption and full post adoption back up support is offered.
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