Cherry Berry Ferry Mary and Sherry – 5-6 month old male and female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crosses

Cherry, Berry, Ferry, Mary and Sherry are 5 to 6 month old approx male and female Crossbreeds (Staffordshire Bull terrier Cross). These five sibling pupsters have come in to our care via the pound and now need to find loving forever homes. Ferry is the only male and all white, the other four are all girls, one all white, one white and tan and two brindle.

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– Cherry

– Sherry

They have not had the best of starts to life and when they first came in to our care they were wary puppies who had never been on a lead before. With the dedication of our volunteers this little family are starting to learn what life is really all about and how it should be, people are kind and give you lots of cuddles, being on a lead means lots of interesting and exciting walks and things are bright and life is good. They all still currently have mad moments on the lead but are quick learners and so so eager to please. They are all very loving and eager to meet you, a wisp of affection has them in tail wagging competitions to see who could win the waggiest tail. Ferry the male is the largest and Cherry is the most shy.

Cherry of the family has a condition called Cherry Eye ( prolapse of the third eyelid) and will need surgery, she may currently look like a dog possessed by the devil with red eyes but this sweetie is actually an angel. Cherry has everything stacked against her, she is brindle, a Staffordshire Bull terrier cross and she looks strange (currently) as with them all we would love this girl to find a loving forever home.

– Berry

Cherry, Berry, Ferry, Mary and Sherry are looking for committed homes who will give them the time and training so they grow in to well adjusted adults. They will need continued training and socialisation. They may have everything stacked against them and most will dismiss them because of the breed they are but they have huge potential and oodles of love to give.

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