Toto – 3-4 year old male Lurcher

Toto is a 3-4 year old male Lurcher is a very handsome boy with lovely markings. We can’t quite work out why he has been in rescue for 2 years waiting for his new home! He is very puppy like in his behaviour and can’t wait to get going on his walk but will settle down once out and about. Toto gets on well with his kennel mate and likes to snuggle close to them. He has an affectionate nature and will make someone a loyal and loving companion. Toto has come in to our care very underweight but now with lots of TLC and regular meals we are sure he will begin to gain weight. Come and meet Toto and get a Toto hug.

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Update from our volunteer dog walkers: We met Toto recently and he had a bit of a photo shoot, he was less keen on having his photo taken and much more interested in having a treat or two. Toto seems one of them dogs to have slipped through the net and has been waiting a while now, yet it is hard to see why! For any Lurcher lovers he would be a super companion, he does have a couple of bad habits, he jumps up for attention and he can mouth when excited. Nothing though that someone who knows the breed could not easily train out of him, especially as he responds so well to treats, the way to this boy’s heart. Toto is a slight boy, not to tall about knee height and is very affectionate. Personally I would love to have taken this boy home and show him what life is all about but sadly my own dog would not accept another canine companion in his home. My wish is that someone comes along and see’s the Toto I see and gives this beautiful lad a chance of happiness in a forever home.

Update from our volunteer dog walkers: We visited the rescue last week and on walking one of the other dogs waiting patiently for a new home we met Toto out with another volunteer. Toto spotted us before we spotted him and his tail began to wag and he was so eager to come and meet us, this lad is so much more handsome than his photos portray, he has the most appealing face that could melt the hardest of hearts I am sure. He knew where the treats were (left hand pocket) and pushed his nose in. Then I got a Toto hug where he wrapped his paws round and snuggled his head into my waist, was I bowed over by this lad! Toto is going to make a super companion and is on my list to walk next time we get a chance to visit. Had the pleasure of walking the beautiful Toto today and what a lovely time was had by all. He walked along with a spring in his step and looked very proud of himself. He sat beautifully for a treat and rewarded me with a gentle paw. Toto is so gentle and will make a lovely companion for someone.

Toto is a very handsome lurcher boy, fabulous on the lead (which most lurchers are), he trots beside you like a dressage horse, light as a feather, very unusual, he was attentive and gentle, loved his eyebrows, a super dog for someone.

Update from Toto’s kennel maid: Toto really enjoys going out for a walk and can be very excitable at first. He went out for a long walk with one of our volunteers recently and walked very easily by my side when he went back to his kennel. Toto is a typical Lurcher boy, full of energy but after a short burst of activity he seems to settle down. He is very affectionate and enjoys a cuddle. Toto needs someone who understands him and is willing to help him adjust to living in a new home

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