Travis – 11 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Travis is an adorable 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy who came into Oldies Club care from a pound. He is in an Oldies Club foster home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home. Travis is such a loving and affectionate lad, but he will no longer go for a walk at his foster home because of the loud bangs of the local bird scarers. Due to a lack of fosterers who will consider takingStaffordshire Bull Terriers, we are hoping to find Travis a new home ASAP. He loves cuddles and adores children (aged 4+), and is thought to be good with cats, but he needs a home as the only dog.


Travis settled pretty much straight away at his foster home. He has had no accidents indoors and he never barks. He’s a real gentleman. Travis is no trouble being left up to 4 hours and he just sleeps on his bed. He needs to be let out to toilet after about 4 hours. Although Travis is happy being left, he does love his human being available for cuddles, so we don’t think it would be fair for him to be left all day. Travis is temperamental with other dogs and has not had a good reaction with most dogs he has met on walks. His foster carer believes this is due to fear of dogs. Travis has not met a cat since coming into foster, but he was cat-tested at the pound before coming into our care and they said that he was very gentle and didn’t chase. In foster he does not pay any attention to the rabbit and guinea pigs in their hutches so his foster carer thinks he will be fine with cats.

Travis loves children and is very gentle. He does like to sit on laps and give kisses though, so may not be suitable for a home with children under 4. When he first came into our care, Travis enjoyed walks and was having two 30-minute walks per day. He was very good on walks but was kept on the lead due to not being sociable with other dogs. However, due to loud bangs from the local bird scarers, poor Travis is now too scared to go out of the garden gate and currently won’t go for a walk. For this reason, we are hoping to find Travis a new home very quickly. Travis is excitable in the car at first and he wants to see where he’s going, but he will settle down after 5 or so minutes.

Travis’s favourite pastimes areCuddling!! Travis cannot get enough cuddles, and he thinks he’s a lapdog. As soon as you sit down he’s there beside you, nudging your arm out of the way so that he can lie on you. He just needs to be next to you. Or on you. His foster carer thinks that in his previous home Travis used to sleep on the bed with his owner. His foster carer has managed to stop this, but he does get up to check she is still in bed during the night…! Travis’s dislikes: Travis does not like bangs! The bird scarers local to his foster home are making him too scared to go for walks. 🙁

Travis would like a home with someone home a lot of the day, but he is well-behaved when left for a few hours. He is fine to live with children over 4. He would ideally like a big garden to run and play in, especially if he’s too scared to go for a walk. He’s probably a bit too strong for a less able or elderly person, especially as he does jump on your lap! Travis is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. He has been vet-checked and is in very good health. He just has the start of cataracts in both eyes, and he recently had a few teeth out.

Foster carer’s summary of Travis: “Soppy, kissy, adorable and cute. Travis has been a delight to have in our home, he has been no trouble at all. He doesnt ask for too much… just plenty of cuddles. He is very polite and gives his paw when he sees you with a treat, he looks very cute when he does this. If Travis had the chance he would sit on your lap all day long. We will miss him.”

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