Veronica – 7 year old female Cross-Breed

Veronica is a 7 year old female Cross-Breed. Poor Veronica has a sad story – she was caught in a wire trap, meant for catching wild animals. She very nearly died of starvation but was luckily found just in time. Despite this her tail doesn’t stop wagging and she loves to be cuddled. Cat assessed, and sadly, she doesn’t like them. In foster in Wiltshire.

Veronica appears well-fed and enjoys her food. She takes treats from hands and sits when asks. She dislikes using the puppy pads and paces and whines when she needs to go to the toilet. She is not bothered by house sounds (I vacuumed the room she was in) and when relaxed will sit on the sofa. All of this suggests she was once a loved pet, used to a home environment. However whatever happened since then has conflicted her. On the one hand she desperately wants to be with people – her dark, soulful eyes eagerly scanning your face for attention, which is always rewarded with a wag of the tail. On the other hand she is wary of giving her trust too easily and when uncertain she takes herself off to her safe place.

I think she would be ideal for someone who wants to do more than rescue (as opposed to buy) a dog. They would want the satisfaction of helping her to rehabilitate in a more caring world, allowing her to build trust at her own pace. I believe she would work in partnership to achieve this – her capacity for forgiving appears deep. Veronica is growing in confidence. She now will explore other rooms, although she is uncomfortable on the slippery wood floors! She has met all other five dogs and is very relaxed around them.

She sometimes plays, but any aggressive posturing by my less confident girl, Kizzie, is simply ignored. She doesn’t respond, or show submission she simply ignores. We have brushed her coat and she seems to enjoy it, but haven’t attempted a bath yet! Her appetite remains good and she is now being selective about what to eat…kibble being ignored over fresh meat. She takes treats gently by hand. Although still more wary of men than women she responds to us both.

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