Victor – 9-10 year old male Collie Cross

I have been putting off writing this update on this lovely dog but I have run out of reasons – I would have hoped by now after so many foster dogs I would learn to not get so attached but even after all these years it is still hard. Especially hard with this boy.

Here is his story.
We heard about Victor 3 weeks ago he was actually in our local paper and going to be put down the next day unless a home was found – his owner had a new house to move into and they would not allow dogs he had been trying for weeks and this plea was out of desperation. Luckily one of the lovely ladies who helps Starfish acted really quickly, made the phone call and that evening went round and did an assessment and brought Victor home for the night. The next day he came to me for fostering.

Victor has had quite a life – he lived on the streets of Gloucester on and off for 10 years with his homeless master – I even remember seeing him at various times when we went shopping. He made the local papers many times one of which recently where he was attacked by a dog in one of the parks and needed £500 pounds worth of surgery to get him right and an appeal was made to the public. I am extremely surprised nobody helped this dog and now I know him I thank God we found him in time. I am not sure his life was always easy as I found out that when there were problems with his master he stayed at various people’s houses while he got himself together. He must have also had to have his wits about him to survive that long.

This is Victor’s new life now since he came to me – when he first came although he seem to settle it was like I cannot explain but he understands or seems to everything you say -seem almost human and I just wanted for him to be a dog again if that makes sense – he cried those first few nights but slowly but surely he settled into busy family life. I do not know how to write this to give this dog the Justice he deserves – he is an amazing dog and when I say I love him I really do – he may be 10 but he is fit as a fiddle and loves his walks and runs over the woods and fields with my dogs, he walks like an angel on the lead and off the lead – fantastic recall, friendly with all the dogs he meets along the way and is an absolute pleasure to take out.


He travels well in the car, in the house he had a few accidents to begin with but none now at all, he settles down at night with my dogs and we do not hear a peep out of him. We have a cat and chickens and he is not interested in hurting them he is not really interested. With my children he adores them, credit to his owner he is very well trained and is pleasure to have around. Now he is relaxed with us he has started playing and have his mad moments which is so funny and lovely to see, he has the greatest sense of humor in a dog and is as bright as they come. He is extremely loyal and will follow you to the end of the earth.

Bad things about Victor – none – he barks sometimes quite a lot when new people come in the house but its his way of speaking and his tail is wagging while he does it that is all I can think off.  When he first came he was a bit underweight and we have now had him neutered, micro chipped and is fully vaccinated while at the vets it has been picked up he has a heart murmur – they come in stages up to 5 – 1 being not really sure if they have or not and 2 being that there is something but nothing that need medical attention and that is what Victor has a Stage 2 – I have taken him back again to the vets to be checked and it can be heard – we are not sure if he has always had it or something he has developed as he has got older – there is nothing about him to say it will be a problem he has gained weight and looks fantastic but there is no guarantees and its something that needs to be monitored – lots of dogs and people have them but its something to consider.

The home I want for Victor has to be special – special in the way that it will suit him he deserves more than most – he has been a loyal faithful friend for the past 10 years its not always been easy for him and he has coped with a lot – and with everything he has seen, been passed around – you have the most amazing dog with the most fantastic temperament and character you will ever meet.

He may be an older Gentleman but he is not ready to just potter around someone’s garden – he loves his walks, he loves being with you, playing with you, talking to him and he will talk to you – he needs to be someone’s friend and companion – not a dog who people think because he is older they can leave him while they go to work he deserves more and wants more – I am not in a hurry to home him and if that special home does not come along then he will stay with me – I have struggled with this one but there are so many dogs that need my help and there will be others who I will love so to the right home he will go but he is very precious boy and I know someone is out there who is special as we always find these special homes for these remarkable dogs. He is living with 2 males dog and a female, a cat, 3 chickens and 2 children – he would be fine with living with other dogs but equally as an only dog, he is lovely with the cat and ignores the chickens more interested in their food.

Please email in the first instance and we will send you our questionnaire. Below is the link to our facebook page and video of him over the park.


Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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