Widget (Pepino) – 2 year old male Terrier

Widget is a small Terrier of about 2 years old. He was born in the public shelter and stayed there with his mum and sister for all of his life. The three of them were recently rescued and brought to the UK for a new life, going to separate foster placements to give me them the best chance of finding a new home. Being separated from his family and away from the environment in which he’d spent his whole life was understandably quite stressful for Widget to start with and he was very shy on his arrival. Within a few days though his cheeky little personality started to emerge. Widget (Pepino) is foster in Dereham (FR029).

Widget is initially shy with both new people and new dogs, and can be a bit grumbly with the dogs in the home, until he’s realised they’re not going to hurt him. Once he’s made friends with them he is really playful and instigates lots of games. He would thrive living with another youngster who he could have lots of fun with. He enjoys chasing a ball and playing with toys too.

Widget is generally good on the lead but can still be a bit timid if we go somewhere new and becomes a bit pully trying to get to somewhere he feels safe. In familiar places he is great and he goes off the lead with no problems and has excellent recall. He is also fine with dogs he meets on walks outside the home. At home, Widget loves to play, and likes to snuggle up to his favorite people and dogs. He is tolerant of my children but doesn’t seek them out either. He’s also been fine with our free range chickens.

Widget is a dear little dog who is easy to live with. He is clean at night and can be left for a few hours with no issues. He also travels well in a car.

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