Willow – 3 year old female Pointer Cross

Willow is an impressive looking black lab/German pointer cross, nearly 3 years old with flecks of white to her chest & paws. Willow is very loving, great with children and friendly to all other dogs. She currently lives with an old English Pointer, who she loves, and has settled nicely into routines at home. She likes a ball thrown to play fetch with and she walks and runs well on a lead. Willow is a ‘scavenger’, probably due to ill-treatment/starving as a young dog (she was originally saved from Romania last year and found emaciated, having been used as a breeding bitch and very poorly treated). She is therefore a ‘runner’ and needs a secure place to run off-lead.

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Willow is food motivated and more attentive to commands if she has been fed prior to exercise. She responds to hand/arm movements and a whistle, much better on the second half of her walk, when she has got rid of some energy and chased a few rabbits! She loves to swim in the river to cool down. Willow can live with other dogs and children but needs a home without cats or other small furry or feathered friends. She is very strong and very fast and would suit a home with large dog experience (pointer experience would be ideal). She is microchipped, spayed and all her vaccinations are up to date.

Willow has been loved and well cared for in a home for the last 9 months but unfortunately her behaviour with other small furries has contributed to her being up for rehoming. She can open doors and jump out of windows if the opportunity arises. Willow has moved around a lot in her short life but despite this, and her sad start in life, she is a wonderful dog full of love, happiness and joy. She really deserves a stable, definitely forever home 🙂

Beacon Animal Rescue Centre (BARC)
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