Winston – 3-4 year old male Lurcher

This gorgeous white and tan Lurcher is around three to four years old. We don’t have many details about his background but we are sure he has a tale to tell. He came to the centre with his tail amputated and there is evidence of an old injury to his leg that shouldn’t cause him any future problems. Winston has been aptly named as he seems to have been through the wars in one way or another before finally reaching happier shores with us. Now, we are looking for a caring and peaceful home for this young veteran to settle permanently. After so much change, it isn’t surprising that Winston suffers badly from separation anxiety and he gets very upset when he is left alone. His new owners will have to make sure that at the initial stages of his adoption that he is given twenty-four hour company until gradually he can build up resilience to being left alone for longer periods. We can see no reason why with continued and careful training, that Winston cannot be left alone for suitable periods of time in the future. His separation matters are also a reflection of what a lovely dog he is and the fact that he loves people. In fact, Winston just loves to be running about exploring and enjoying being with everyone and he can’t wait to find the right family.

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If his new home has children, those over the age of thirteen would be best who can help with his training and follow a plan to help him overcome his fears of being left alone. Winston’s history with other animals is not known but we believe from our observations that he would be fine with a quiet submissive female dog but we would advise a home without cats. Winston will need a minimum of two lots of thirty to forty-five minute walks per day and he would respond very well to treat-based training. Ideally, Winston needs a home with understanding and dedicated owners as in the initial stages of his adoption, he cannot be left alone until he has substantially grown in confidence. He is a gorgeous and loving boy who will make a wonderful pet for the right people but they will need to be committed to helping him overcome his separation anxiety which is a natural reaction to his sad past.

RSPCA Sheffield Branch
For further details regarding adopting a dog from RSPCA Sheffield, please telephone 0114 2898050 or email . Address: 2 Stadium Way, Attercliffe, Sheffield, S9 3HN.
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