Winter – 12 month old male Mastiff Cross

Winter is a 12 month Mastiff Cross. Winters previous owners recognized they were no longer in a position to care for Winter financially so made the brave decision to hand him over to secure the best future for him. Winter is fantastic with all other dogs he has met, including a shar-pei who jumped on his head while out walking. He walks really well on the lead and doesn’t pull at all. We have spotted a few cats which he has shown interest in but no aggression while on his lead. He doesn’t really chase a ball but he runs around amusing himself quite happily. Winter was quite thin on arrival to the rescue and needed building up, he came to me at a good weight but needed condition and muscle building which we have managed walking lots of hills and feeding twice daily. He will do anything for food but can become quite loose if new things are introduced so bland chicken etc is best. He tips his water and food bowls!

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Winter sleeps in his crate downstairs at night from 11 – 7 with the radio on and a blanket covering the front, and he is totally silent all night, he will be vocal if he is not covered though. Winter is not keen on being alone, he will whimper and fidget in his crate constantly, he isn’t destructive or loud, but he’s just uncomfortable without reassurance from a human companion. This is being worked on and he is improving daily. Winter is the most loving lump of dog I have had the pleasure of knowing, he is grateful for every moment of attention, he is keen to learn and be involved in whatever is going on. He can become playful which does get rough, he will stop if you hold his collar and ask him to sit down, he also doesn’t realise he is not a small dog, so enjoys sitting on your lap or putting his paws over your shoulders and using your head as a rest! Winter is completely house trained.

Winter would benefit from an active home as he has tons of energy, he would like to be with someone around for most of the day, he can be left max 2.5 hours at the moment. He prefers females and loves children but could only be homed with older large dog savy children as he is young and a lump and can be over playful. Winter would like a friend to live with to play with but would be equally happy as an only dog although he would need continual socialisation to ensure his fantastic dog friendly nature stays. Winter will need to continue basic command training.

Winter is neutered, chipped, vaccinated. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet Winter in his foster home in Calington, Cornwall.

If you are interested in adopting Winter please read about our rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form ( link here ) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.

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