Yoda – 13 year old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Corgi

Yoda is a 13 year old loyal and affectionate Jack Russell cross Corgi who came into Oldies Club care when his owner had to move home and Yoda couldn’t go along. Yoda is in an Oldies Club foster home in Stroud, Gloucestershire, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

Introducing Yoda: Yoda is a delightful dog in so many ways: loyal; bonds very quickly with his new caregiver; adores receiving and giving affection (loves to give a welcoming lick); eager to please.


Settled quite quickly: Yoda had a waggy tail and followed his foster carer around after only a couple of days, and he bonded very quickly, so is a rewarding dog to care for. He would happily sleep upstairs in his own bed but he quickly got used to being left to sleep in the kitchen at night and only barked on the first night. He barks when, for example, a walk is on offer or when he knows he’s about to be let out. Yoda is a very bright boy and quickly learned the household routine. When the routine changes he notices and will bark – it is as if he is saying “what’s happening? I am going to be included aren’t I?”

Can be left but not full time: Yoda was left for very long hours in his previous home and this was unfair on him. His foster carer has left him for 5 hours in the company of her dog and he barks for a short time but this tails off after a few minutes according to a neighbour. Yoda would be best with someone home part or all of the time.

Good with dogs: Yoda is friendly with all dogs. He was initially very nervous of the resident dog and it took him 3 weeks to fully settle and stop pacing around when with her, but this is his first experience of living with another dog so he did very well. Due to his close bonding, he is protective of his foster carer sometimes with the resident dog and occasionally barks to stop her coming too near (which she ignores). He would happily live as an only dog, but he is fine living with the resident dog who is a dominant female, and Yoda is generally on the receiving end of her bossiness.

Potential to live with a cat: His foster carer tells us: “I tested Yoda in a confined space with my neighbour’s cat. He showed an interest but quickly moved his attention when the cat jumped out of the way, so was curious but not bothered. He didn’t bark at the cat. I imagine with patience he could therefore be acclimatised to being with a cat.”

Good with children: Yoda has been marvellous with his foster carer’s 5 year old. He had a tendency to try to ‘hump’ her at first, but after consistent “No!” this tailed off by week 4, and it was purely a nervous, stress-related behaviour. Meanwhile the 5 year old thought it was great fun to get so much attention and rather misses it! Yoda understandably doesn’t like to be smothered with too-close cuddles and will give a gentle growl to indicate this.

Loves walks: Yoda loves his walks and is great off lead. Although in big wide open spaces he sometimes takes his time coming back as he is so overawed by the experience! He was quite bloated when he arrived and has slimmed down a bit. He has two 20-minute road walks a day with a bit of off-lead in the park, which suits him fine. He does love a good off-lead romp perhaps once or twice a week as well.

Fine in the car: Yoda hated the car at first and barked and whined the whole way, but with regular use he is now a calm professional, and does not mind car journeys at all.

Yoda’s likes: Yoda loves affection and likes to be close to you and ideally on your knee, although he chooses to sleep in his dog bed quietly alone sometimes too. He sits and begs for human food scraps, but also when he wants a cuddle which is very sweet. If you are on the settee he will sit like a little kangaroo to say “can I please join you?”. Yoda loves burying himself in blankets to sleep and make a cave, and is more secure when he has a bed in the corner of the room tucked away or under a table. He loves snuggling close to a radiator or fire to sleep. He sometimes chews his blanket and he arrived with a very chewed plastic bed. His foster carer always has chew bones available and so the blanket and bed chewing has decreased; she thinks it is a habit that started due to prolonged periods alone in his former home and that he will get out of it if not left alone too long.

Yoda’s perfect home: Yoda’s perfect home would be with an individual or family who want to feel a real connection to their canine friend – to feel needed, and rewarded with devotion. Definitely not a full time worker but he would probably be OK with part-time. Children would be fine but must be dog-savvy – in other words any child who is sensible enough to heed a warning of “you’ve been too close for too long, please back off now”. Because he expresses himself through barking he would not be suited to a house with thin-walled, semi-detached, sensitive neighbours.

Health notes: Yoda is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He has had a vet check and is in good health. His breath smells a little but the vet said his teeth are fine. Yoda eats well (half a tin of wet food twice a day with a dish of biscuits left out for him to graze on).

Foster carer’s summary: “He’s a really super dog. The strength of the terrier (loyal, intelligent, vocal) combined with other superb traits (affectionate, great off lead, great with other dogs and children). I will really miss this lovable, bright, adoring and adorable chap.”

The Oldies Club
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