Zane – 3 year old male Chihuahua Cross

Please meet Zane. Zane is a 3 year old Chihuahua cross who is looking for his forever home. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Here’s what his foster mum says about him. Zane is an energetic happy go lucky chap, who loves his food and creature comforts. He has lived happily with two laid back and easy going Rottweilers in foster.

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Zane had issues with resource guarding with dinner plates, beds, laps and food generally, but he has come on really well, and with consistency and letting him know his boundaries, this should subside with training and positive encouragement, which would need to continue in his forever home. He’s extremely affectionate and is happy to cuddle his humans, but he needs to know that the human he is cuddling is not his exclusive property, and other dogs and humans may also approach the human he’s cuddling, without Zane reacting, he is now realizing that there’s plenty of food and love to go round, so we’ve not seen the resource guarding for quite some time.

Zane is good with free ranging hens, and pays them no attention now, he has not been cat tested, although has chased them out of the garden as is also the case with foxes, but I believe that this is partly due to being part terrier. Zane bonds with his “family” quickly, and as a result, when he sees other dogs out whilst walking on a lead, he will start barking and growling, but is easily distracted with a tasty treat, and this is improving. Zane has learnt a lot about canine etiquette by living with two other dogs who are laid back, and should live with another dog in his forever home for company. He knows basic commands such as sit, wait, lay down etc, and he’s very trainable with rewards of food. He would not thrive in an environment where he was alone for long periods, as this would lead to boredom and he would need a family where there is lots of activity to keep him stimulated, he burns off so much energy simply by trotting around the house following his human and canine mates.

A super little dog, with so much to give to the right home and family, and a blank canvas at this stage, so ongoing work would be crucial to future rehoming, with socialisation with other dogs.

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