Zanta – 11 month old female Terrier cross German Shepherd

This delightful little girl found on the streets. There was no sign of Zanta’s mum, so she was basically on her own at the age of two months trying to fend for herself. She faced starvation, cruelty or even being killed for money. With Zanta being such a young girl she should settle into family life pretty quickly and be easily trained, and with being so young Zanta is doing everything an 8 month old pup should be doing, following the staff, being nosey and basically just getting into mischief.


Zanta will be fully vaccinated and chipped and have her own pass port. Zanta is now in foster in the UK and has settled in really well, she gets on with other dogs and enjoys the company of people and loves to be out on the leash. Her fosterer says she is a joy to have around and a sweet little girl. She is in a foster home with other dogs and loves to play.

Action Aid for Animals
For further details regarding adopting from Action Aid for Animals in the UK, please contact or telephone 01207 549454
Action Aid for Animals

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Action Aid for Animals
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