Zippy – 4 month old male Lurcher

Zippy is a 4 month old male Lurcher. This lovely boy was found with his siblings living down a drain in Spain, I saw them when they first came in at about 7 weeks in a terrible state, the Charity we work with in Spain thankfully took them under their wing and they are now ready for rehoming.

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This was the video of Zippy when he first came in do not be confused by the name change the grandchildren had named them who were staying but decided later on Zippy sounded better and suited him more.

The change in them is amazing, fit and healthy, happy and friendly, nothing like the skinny scared little babies that they were.

Zippy is the biggest of the pups he is the boldest of all the puppies when they are together and given half a chance will pinch their food at feeding time bless him because he eats so quickly he now is fed separate to them apparently when Violet saids come on Zippy in here at meal time he straight away will take himself in the kennel to await his food.

Although the bravest with the other puppies he is probably the most shyest with people, he is still friendly but not quite as brave as the others. They are getting walked once a week by the volunteers that come every Wednesday to get them used to walking on the lead, they are mixing with the other residents during the day and various different people who visit.

We are not sure what they are crossed with but its thought it could possibly be Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) and Labrador. The sort of homes we are looking for are experienced Sighthound homes or people with knowledge of them, because although they are loved and looked after they will receive very little in the way of training so we need people who are prepared to take them dog training and put the work in, another dog in the house is not a must but is favored for the dogs from Spain as they are so used to being with other dogs and will settle quicker.

These puppies have not lived in the house so will need house training etc, they will be used to going in and out of the house in the day but are used to sleeping together in a kennel. They are now old enough to travel and up to date with all their puppy vaccinations, rabies, chip, they will also be blood tested prior to travel. To young to be neutered you will be expected to do this as part of the adoption agreement.

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Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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