Abbie, a 3-year-old female cross-breed dog, hails from Romania, having been rescued from the Lancram shelter.

Despite her challenging beginnings, Abbie now resides in a private foster home, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to join a loving family. This small-sized cross breed, standing at 40cm in height, is adored for her sweet and kind nature.

Known for her infectious smile and enthusiastically wagging tail, Abbie thrives on human interaction and affection.

Abbie has been described as lead trained and exhibits no known allergies or intolerances. Despite her underbite, which does not cause her discomfort, she maintains a healthy appetite and enjoys normal eating and drinking habits.

Regular dental care is recommended to ensure her oral hygiene remains in good condition. Remarkably, Abbie shares her foster home with a cat and has shown no inclination towards chasing or bothering her feline companion, demonstrating her peaceful nature and adaptability.

For those interested in adopting Abbie, applications and checks are facilitated through Meadow Of Hope Dog Rescue UK.

With her endearing personality and gentle demeanour, Abbie promises to bring joy and companionship to her future forever family.

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