DogsBlog Media Coverage is the UK’s leading dog adoption site. Launched in 2007, the site was set up to help publicise the concept of dog adoption, support animal rescues and help more dogs to find loving new homes.

Working with such a large number of independent and regional based animal rescues, we are in a unique position to analyse the UK animal welfare situation independently and as such our research and campaigns, such as National Dog Adoption Month have been extensively covered in local, national and international media, alongside our site sponsors and individual research/study collaborators.

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Zoe Williams in the Guardian wrote:

An amazingly good idea (link)

Michael Deacon in The Sun wrote:

Their lovely big sad eyes will have you weeping onto your keyboard (link)

Joy Ward from the ever-great Dogster Blog wrote: is several things but it is first and foremost for a way to make it easier for everyone in the UK to find out about rescue options and see all dogs available for adoption (link)

Dog adoption fact sheet:

  • Most popular months for dog adoption are July and August – interest in adoption rises by 38%. This is mainly due to families more likely being at home due to school holidays, more willingness to think about taking long walks outside and the generally upbeat mood of the summer.
  • Most common months for dogs being given up are between January-March (January at its peak) – owners relinquishing their dogs increases by 30% during this period.
  • But during January-March there is also an uplift in dog adoptions during these months due to their being a lot more dogs in shelters seeking new homes.
  • Averaging out 10 years of data from analytics, August 8th is the most popular day for people to adopt and Jan 8th is the most popular day for people who are looking to give up their dog for adoption.

In 2017, the four most popular breeds being looked at on are:

1. Shih tzu
2. Poodle
3. Border collie
4. Labrador

Compared to 10 years ago:

1. Border collie
2. Labrador
3. Jack Russell
4. English Springer Spaniel

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