Albert – 8 month old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Albert is an 8 month old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is full of beans and excitement. His favourite thing is to have multiple bones to chew, his favourite is a Nylabone over the real ones.

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He loves the fire and cuddles. He is currently living with 8 dogs, he is a boundary pusher but there is no malice. He just wants to play all day long. However, he can be over boisterous so he does need you to step in and remind him he’s being too much.

Crate-trained and happy to be left alone, he has a little cry initially but settles almost immediately. Completely housetrained and will run the door when he needs to out. He loves learning new tricks and is very food motivated.

However, he can be stubborn and sometimes refuse to work unless treats are involved! He is working very hard on the lack of manners he has from not having any basic training as a pup.

Although learning well he will try to slip back into his old ways if allowed so training must be continued to help him become a well-rounded adult dog.

On walks, he is very strong but he loves being outside. He walks better on a halti than he does on a collar. This is still a working progress but again he is trying.

When off lead he is currently on a long line as he is very boisterous when meeting new dogs and this has the potential to cause other dogs to react to him, again he has no malice just lacks manners. With the right input, this boy will be a fantastic loyal family companion.

Team Ilbrey K9 Partners
Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

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