Alfie is a 10 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Labrador. He is in an Oldies Club foster home in North Walsham, Norfolk, waiting for someone to offer him a forever home.

Alfie made himself at home in foster care within a couple of days. He tends to follow his foster carer around as he loves to be with people but was happy to sleep in the lounge on the sofa from the first night.

Alfie is fine about being left on his own for a few hours. He just settles down and has a good snooze.

His carer doesn’t think he would suit people who go out to work full-time though as he doesn’t like to get up early in the morning, and he needs to be given his heart medication at least an hour before meals, so this might be tricky to fit in around an out-at-work schedule.

Alfie is okay with a home with people around for a good part of the day would therefore be best. When out on walks, Alfie is fine with dogs, and when at the vet he’s also fine with dogs.

However, he likes to be on his own when he eats, and wouldn’t want to share toys, so needs to be the only dog in his new home. Alfie barks and chases any cat that comes into the garden, so he needs a cat-free home.

Alfie is fine when meeting children outside the house. However, he can get protective of his area and items so he would not be suited to a home with small children. Older teenagers who are dog-savvy could be fun for him.

Alfie has no recall and tends to come only if he wants to. He is very good on the lead though and likes to march along. He also likes to say hello to other dogs.

Alfie pulls at first but soon settles down and is very excited to go out. His foster carer is training him to “wait” before crossing a road so that he doesn’t march straight towards the road.

Alfie will happily do a 1-hour walk but he is happy with short walks when necessary. His foster carer takes him to an enclosed dog exercise area where he can have a good off-lead run.

Alfie runs fast, like a much younger dog, which, together with his lack of recall, means he shouldn’t be let off lead other than in a secure area.

Alfie gets very excited when in the car. It would probably be best to have him comfy in a cage if doing long journeys. He loves eating and going for walks.

Also, he is very affectionate and loves to be with you and have hugs. He loves the sofa and will chill out there for hours. He has a couple of tug toys which he likes you to play with him with.

Alfie likes to be with his foster carer and he licks her a lot! He is playful and likes to be out in the garden with his foster carer, playing ball.

Alfie’s dislikes: We were told that he doesn’t like loud noises such as thunder and fireworks, but he will just bark at them and doesn’t particularly seem scared.

Alfie barks at the postman or anyone he sees outside. Alfie doesn’t like you to go near him while he eats so his foster carer just puts his bowl down for him and then walks away.

Alfie’s new home must have a secure garden as he doesn’t do his toilet on walks and always does it in the garden. He enjoys sleeping on the sofa so you will need to be happy to have dogs on your furniture.

Alfie would enjoy living with a young to a middle-aged couple who will take him out for good walks. You will need to be strong as he is a strong boy. He’s fine with people coming around as he loves attention. His ideal people will be patient and have lots of love as that’s all he wants.

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