Ally is a 6 year old female Pointer. She was rescued along with lots of other dogs following a welfare complaint. The dogs were in a sorry state, many of them malnourished, scared and covered in sores from living outside.

Several local rescues were contacted to help the group of dogs and four of them went to one of our partners, so we’re now looking for loving homes for them. Ally was not looking her best when she was initially rescued.

Ally was very skinny and very subdued, and her skin was tough and scaly from a long period of very poor living. Ally has been used both for hunting and for breeding throughout her life.

The hunting culture in Cyprus is as prevalent as ever, and the reputation they have for failing to properly look after their dogs won’t ever go away as long as dogs like Ally keep coming into our care.

Ally is now however a completely different dog – the vets didn’t recognise her when she came back into the clinic for a check-up! She has a docked tail and is so, so eager to please. She is a working dog and she thrives when she has something to do and focus on.

Ally is a very keen sniffer and has her nose to the ground all the time when she’s outside! Her past home may not have cared for her in the right way, but they certainly instilled drive and helped her practice her instincts – pointers were bred to be hunting dogs. Ally is amazing around people.

Ally is very, very trusting and hugely affectionate. She will do anything for a treat and has a beautiful sit when asked! She is friendly with other dogs and currently resides in a foster home/barding kennel set-up, where she interacts with several other dogs daily. She also shares her kennel with another female dog and has no issues whatsoever sharing her space, food or bed.

Ally loves running outside in the fields with them and has quite the turn of speed! Ally would be the ideal addition to an active home with previous dog experience. She needs an outdoorsy lifestyle, someone who understands how to work the mind of a dog, but can also offer equal parts comfort and cuddles in the home.

Ally is a confident dog and could live anywhere, as long as she has access to a garden. Her prey drive is likely to be higher in a more rural area, and therefore her recall will need plenty of work.

Ally also needs a secure garden as she can jump quite high! Ally could live with children aged 5+ but is not suited to living with cats. In a home that can provide her with the right balance, she is going to blossom and be a fantastic companion. Ally is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health.

Ally is ready to travel once she finds her forever home. Please note, that any mention of the breed is nothing more than an educated guess based on what we know about the dog, their appearance, behaviour, and common breeds in their country of origin.

We can never guarantee breed specifics, nor can we confirm the exact age of our dogs, unless they were born in our care. Age estimations are made by our vets based on the development of the dog, their general health and energy, and their teeth.

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