Ammo and Nala – 6 and 9 year old male and female Labrador Retrievers

Ammo is a 6-year-old black male Working Labrador, while Nala, a 9-year-old golden female, forms a delightful pair of Labradors who found their way to our care due to a change in their owners’ circumstances.

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Ammo and Nala’s friendly nature extends to both people and other dogs, characteristic of Labradors.

Remarkably intelligent and well-trained, they exhibit the typical Labrador enthusiasm for food and thoroughly enjoy engaging in various activities that challenge their intelligence.

Ideally suited for a rural setting with ample space for exploration, Ammo and Nala’s background as working dogs makes them yearn for an environment that allows them to stretch their legs and indulge in their playful nature.

Their adaptability extends to family life, as they can coexist harmoniously with children aged 8 and above.

Furthermore, with careful introductions, they could share their space with a dog-savvy cat and another resident dog.

For the potential adopters, it is worth noting that Ammo and Nala’s previous roles as working dogs have instilled in them a strong sense of discipline and responsiveness to training.

This dynamic duo, residing currently in our Waltham Abbey Kennels, eagerly anticipates finding a forever home where they can continue to thrive and bring joy to their new family.

All Dogs Matter London
All Dogs Matter London

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