Ansca is a 2-3 year old female German Shepherd Cross. Ansca’s name means sentimental and noble, which is fitting because she is so friendly and loving. She is a beautiful soul who was very good when the vet came to check her out.

Ansca just wants to love and be loved. She is generally very good around other dogs (particularly male ones)

We hope you will give her a chance to show you that the vet was right and that she would be greatly suited to a good family home.

Location: Hungarian/Ukrainian Border – Going to UK Week of 30 May

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The Red Shed

For further details regarding adopting a dog from The Red Shed, please visit, email or by telephoning +353863474709.

Red Shed is currently working at the Ukrainian border countries helping rescue animals to find loving homes in the U.K. It is run by Sandy Sheerin, (based out of Ireland), who is committed to supporting as many animal rescues as possible.

Red Shed has paid for all vet checks, rabies shots, micro-chipping and pet passports/documentation. We ask that new owner adopters pay for transport fees (which Red Shed is keeping as low as possible) - no more than £300.

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