Arion – 2 year old male Hound Cross

Arion, a spirited young adult male Hound cross, is approximately two years old and originates from Cyprus. Falling on the smaller side of medium, he’s well-suited for various living environments, particularly thriving in an active home with access to a garden where he can indulge his energetic nature.

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Although Arion hasn’t been tested with cats, he expresses a readiness to share his space with children aged 8 and above, showcasing his potential as a family-friendly companion. Sociable by nature, he enjoys the company of other dogs and is perfectly content in multi-pet households without the need for a resident dog.

While his affinity for feline friends remains untested, Arion’s adaptable nature and friendly disposition make him a promising addition to a loving home environment.

About Arion

Arion was found roaming near the shelter with a horrible open wound on his leg. He was feeling quite sorry for himself and was skinny, his eyes were sunken and his fur was waxy. We’re not sure how long he’d been out on his own but he was so relieved to be taken into the shelter, and has since transformed into a sleek, shiny, bright eyed boy. His leg has healed fully and he’s now in great health, ready to find his forever home.

Arion is a young, active dog with a sociable and friendly nature. His tails never stops wagging and he is always happy to see everyone when they arrive at the shelter. He gets so excited to go out for a walk and is getting better every day at lead training.

He does pull out of excitement at the start, but only out of enthusiasm. In true hound fashion, Arion loves walking with his nose to the ground taking in all the exciting and unfamiliar smells he can as he explores.

Being a big foodie, Arion responds really well to positive reinforcement training using treats as rewards. He takes food from your hand gently and waits patiently for you to give it to him. He is a clever dog and would certainly benefit from some basic training in his new home, to help him bond with his new family and understand how to be a companion dog.

As far as we know, he’s never had his own home before so there will be lots to learn! He is young, adaptable and keen to learn new things, so he would be very receptive to training.

Arion is an active dog and really enjoys being outside. He would be better suited to a home outside of the city in a more semi-rural location, and he would prefer direct access to a secure garden. He’s looking for a fairly active lifestyle with a family who like being outdoors, and he could definitely keep up with a busy pace of life.

He listens to his caregivers intently at the shelter and is very keen to please, so we think he has a lot of potential as a family companion. He is a very sweet tempered dog and has a lot of love to give.

Arion is friendly with other dogs and gets on well with the other shelter residents. He has not been tested with cats, but he could be rehomed with older children (8+).

He is quite strong and therefore younger children might initially find him overwhelming and a bit boisterous, although he really means no harm at all. With lots of a love and a little training, Arion will undoubtedly become a wonderful additional to a family.

Arion is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he finds his forever home.

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