Arlo is a 4-year-old intact male Cockapoo. We have had him since he was a puppy. Arlo is a nervous dog and as he became an adult he became reactive to strangers, children, and sometimes other dogs. He takes Fluoxetine for his anxiety.

Once Arlo has got used to someone he is very lovable. He is great with me and my husband and he loves his dog walker and he loves his dog boarder, however, if he doesn’t know someone and they come into the house or approach him when out and about, he will bark and growl.

We have had occasions mainly in the past where he has nipped me or my husband and once where he bit my Mum as she was touching him on his bed.

Arlo is very playful and loving and generally very well-behaved. We are able to leave him in the house for a few hours and he sleeps independently downstairs with no issues.

Arlo loves games and playing with balls. Arlo is generally very content as long as he has had a good walk and when he is not playing he likes somewhere quiet to nap which he does quite a lot.

Despite working on his behaviour he has never really gotten used to being in a busy, noisy household with children (now teenagers) and a Grandma who has dementia. We manage his issues but it is becoming more difficult due to family reasons and although my two children are really good with him he will growl or lunge at them if he is tired or guarding something.

Although we love him we are finally accepting our home was not the right environment for him and his behavioural issues are too much of a risk for our family. Arlo would be suited to a peaceful adult-only home where someone has time and patience with him.

Arlo allows his dog Groomer to cut his hair etc. but he won’t allow the Vet to examine him. On occasions where this is necessary, he has needed to be sedated.

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